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The smartphone has confined our needs for gadgets as they have evolved over the last five years so much. You don't need anything else if you own a powerful smartphone that is capable of doing many things. I think adding the camera to a smartphone was the most innovative idea ever, it gives an opportunity to capture any moment we want and anytime. Moreover, with the inbuilt camera, you don't require to buy an expensive digital camera to feed your photography hobby. However, most of the smartphone camera doesn't offer the manual of control options, although they come with a robust camera system. For photography lovers and the smartphone users who want to capture the shots according to them, Optika brings a new landscape for using the camera on smartphones. The app offers many digital options that are not available in the camera settings by default to enable the user for capturing perfect images.

Please contact us for the closest replacement - Microscope camera Optika OPTIKAM B5 digital, for C-mount and eyepiece connection, 5.04Mpix, not cooled with software included Optika OPTIKAM B5 Microscope Accessories - Cameras 4083.B5. Identify the serial number of your camera and click on the corresponding range to download the latest version of drivers and software to be always updated! Serial Number Identification. The serial number is printed on a silver label on the camera, as shown in the picture above. Alternatively, it is printed on the purchase invoice.

Optika - Manual RAW Camera turns all the automatic process in the smartphone camera to manual control. This means you will be able to control each and everything of your camera to make sure that it captures the image according to you. With the help of Optika, you can manage options like shutter speed, autofocus and much more. Optika - Manual RAW Camera makes your camera perfectly RAW so you can enjoy the photography on your terms.

Download Optika – Manual Camera and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Optika is a professional camera app with an intuitive interface that provide your full manual control under you built-in phone camera. Download Optika 4083.13H Instruction Manual. Checkout popular Optika categories.

Almost 90 % of the smartphone users rely on their phone’s camera to capture anything. Who don't love to take some beautiful shots whether it is for your WhatsApp profile pic or any scenery on your journey. We all love the feeling of capturing some good moments so we can share them others via social media. However, if you are like me who thinks that not every image that I captured is as good as it could have been if I can control the raw settings of my phone's camera then Optika is the solution. Only dedicated and severe photographers can understand that the raw setting can give you an opportunity to capture the most amazing images. However, most of the smartphones today don't offer this functionality and comes with automatic camera settings so you can't interfere in it.

Key Features of Optika

  • Get a full optical camera with RAW support on your iPhone with Optika
  • Control all the camera settings manually
  • Adjust the exposure of the image just by swiping
  • Capture images like a professional photographer
Download optika cameras drivers

But, don't worry today we bring you an app that will make it is possible to take professional shots from your phone. Optika - Manual RAW Camera app is all you need to convert your idea into reality. Optika is specially designed for the iPhone users and available in the App Store.

The app adds the manual controlling settings to your iPhone camera that helps in taking some professional shots. You will be able to control the shutter speed and focus of the phone manually. Besides, Optika also comes with a number of other features that enhances the image quality. Optika - Manual RAW Camera enables your iPhone to capture the image in RAW+JPG format along with Level tools to manage the details of the image. Along with this, Optika also offers Live Histogram (requires iPhone 6 or later), Haptic feedback for the ISO and Speed sliders (requires iPhone 7 or later), and New permissions screen.

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