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The latest release of Isaac SDK (2020.2) brings new features for Indoor Robotics navigation as well as Collaborative Robots’ manipulation use cases. In addition to perception (such as Object Detection DNN, Multi-class segmentation DNN, Fiducials, Super Pixels), path planners (such as LQR Planner), and UI/UX capabilities introduced in prior releases, Isaac SDK 2020.2 brings the following:

Isaac SDK 2020.2

    New Isaac GEMs for Navigation and Manipulation
  • Improved multi-Lidar support for better localization
  • Local mapping capability based on Evidence Grid Map (EGM)
  • New LQR Local Planner with customizable cost functions
  • New OTG5 Straight Motion Planner for smooth, predictable robot movement
  • New Globar Planner with semantics for speed, direction, and more
  • Improved manipulation capabilities through RGB-based perception DNN (DOPE)
  • New Isaac Engine Functionality
  • Localization Monitor: Detects abnormal localization state and visualizes the current localization state using Isaac Sight
  • New Robotics Applications for Factory Intralogistics and More
  • Factory of Future (FoF) Intralogistics application: Configurable support for AMRs and Pick and Place robots in a simulated factory environment
  • New Manipulation Application: Configurable table-top pick-and-place task specification using python API
  • Dockerized 3D Pose Estimation Application: Supports training, inference, and evaluation in simulation
  • Jetbot Application: Demonstrates training and inference in simulation on a low-cost robot platform
    What’s required
  • Jetson Devices: Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson Xavier NX or Jetson TX2, Jetson Nano 2GB/4GB
  • Jetpack Version: Jetpack 4.4.1
  • Desktop computer with Ubuntu 18.04 + NVIDIA GPU with compute capability of 6.1 or higher (recommended GPU for Isaac Sim 2020.2 is RTX2080) + CUDA 10.2

    Note: RTX3xxx GPUs support CUDA11 or higher, and therefore are not recommended as a development workstation for Isaac SDK; However RTX3xxx GPUs can be used for Isaac Sim.


Note: With Isaac SDK 2020.2 release, the SW was refactored; For applications developed using prior releases of Isaac SDK to work with this release, please refer to this section of the documentation to ensure compatibility.

Isaac Sim

This latest generation of Isaac Sim is built on the Omniverse platform and features:

  • RTX ray-tracing and path tracing for high fidelity graphics
  • Latest PhysX for robust and performance enhanced articulations

Isaac Sim features:

Omniverse - Isaac Sim 2020.2.2

  • Isaac SDK support for several applications including navigation, manipulation and DL training
  • Perception DNN training for PoseCNN and Detectnet models; plus planned for DOPE
  • Simulated RGBD, and Lidar sensor models
  • Ground Truth depth, segmentation, 2D and 3D BBox
  • Local and cloud deployment
  • New Factory of the Future asset to train, develop and test manipulation and navigation robots.
  • Included robot models for Carter, Kaya, Jetbot, Universal Robots’ UR10, Franka Emika Panda and support for URDF models.
  • Support for headless operation.
  • Minimum HW configuration: Desktop Workstation + NVIDIA RTX2080 GPU with driver version 450+.

Unity 3D - Isaac Sim 2020.2

  • Docker Container to train PoseCNN and DetectNet models
  • A 125m x 50m virtual factory in Unity 3D
  • Minimum HW configuration: Desktop Workstation + NVIDIA RTX2080 GPU with driver version 450+.

Download scriptronix development driverpack
Isaac SDK 2020.1 NX

NVIDIA® Isaac SDK 2020.1 NX sources and pre-compiled packages

ISAAC 2020.1

NVIDIA® Isaac SDK 2020.1 sources and pre-compiled packages.


NVIDIA® Isaac Sim for Navigation based on Unity 3D Game Engine.

ISAAC 2019.3

NVIDIA® Isaac SDK 2019.3 sources and pre-compiled packages.


NVIDIA® NVIDIA® Isaac Sim for Navigation based on Unity 3D Game Engine.

ISAAC 2019.2

NVIDIA® Isaac SDK 2019.2 sources and pre-compiled packages.


NVIDIA® Isaac Sim based on Unity 3D Game Engine.


NVIDIA® Isaac Sim based on Unreal Engine 4.0; Isaac Sim 1.2 sources & content.

Kaya Robot Reference Design

NVIDIA® Isaac SDK Kaya robot reference design and 3D printable parts. Detailed instructions are available in the Isaac developer guide documentation.

ISAAC 2019.1

NVIDIA® Isaac SDK 2019.1 sources and pre-compiled packages.


NVIDIA® Isaac Sim based on UE4.

Download Scriptronix Development Drivers

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    • Isaac SDK: Getting Started
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Download Scriptronix Development Driverpack

NVIDIA’s platforms and application frameworks enable developers to build a wide array of AI applications. Consider potential algorithmic bias when choosing or creating the models being deployed. Work with the model’s developer to ensure that it meets the requirements for the relevant industry and use case; that the necessary instruction and documentation are provided to understand error rates, confidence intervals, and results; and that the model is being used under the conditions and in the manner intended.