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Posted By admin On 13/10/21

The PROG4000 permits the simulation S4000 Numeric Control's environment on Personal Computer.

Designed according to the philosophy that originated the PROG3000PC, a simulation board that earned big success in the past year for its power and easiness of use, the PROG4000 module permits the operator to execute on a Personal Computer all the programming and programming check operations both in CNC and PLC environment.

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Staying in the office, it is possible to create, modify CNC programs and verify their working with the help of all the instruments and programming levels available on the S4000 Series CNC, that is:

  • ISO Basic
  • PGI

Once created on the PC, the CNC programs can be transferred to the Control through a USB key or through a network connection.

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The PROG4000 module is supplied in a housing that complies with the EC Standards and can externally be connected to a PC's USB port through a proper low voltage cable (included in the supply).


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Following PC's requirements are necessary to install the PROG4000 simulation module:

  • Operating system WINDOWS 2000®, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA ®, WINDOWS 7® HOME PREMIUM (o superiore – solo versione a 32 bit), WINDOWS 7® PROFESSIONAL o WINDOWS 7® ULTIMATE (versione a 64 bit) *
  • Free USB port
  • CD-ROM driver
  • CPU and memory according to operating system requirement
  • Space available on Hard Disk: 500 MB recommended – 100 MB minimum
  • Risoluzione video consigliata 1024x768 with 65536 colours

* For the proper functioning of PROG4000 it requires that the user has the privileges of 'Administrator' or 'Power User'


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  • PROG4000 unit in a painted metal container
  • CD-ROM including S4000 CNC software
  • USB connection wire
  • 24V DC AC-adapter
  • PROG4000 Technical installation and use sheet
  • S4000 CNC User and Programming manual
  • Manualetto tascabile “Funzioni G di Programmazione”
  • 'Programming G functions' pocket manual
  • PGI Manual
  • License

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The programming instruments, such as SelCAM-POWER, SelCAM-COMPACT, SelDXF, etc., can be installed on the same PC, by creating a Selca Integrated Programming system.