Download Shimadzu SCSI & RAID Devices Driver

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Hello everybody,
I know this is a question about a very old system and there have been some threads about related topics - but I did not get any useful answer there.
Anyway: we have a second-hand HPLC system running with SPD-M10Avp and class-VP software (4.x-version, on windows 95).
The PC looks very old and I tried to move the system to a) a windows-XP and b) a windows-98SE computer.
In both cases, everything is running (I can operate the pumps for example) but I cannot get the detector connected.
My question: do I need a separate driver for the SPD-M10AVP??? (I suppose that yes - I get a warning during the WIN-boot-sequence about an unknown device etc...)
If yes - where can I get one? I searched some hours already but cannot find it anywhere... (and wonder why Shimadzu does not put such essential things on their webpage...)
It would be great if somebody could give me a hint - many thanks!!

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Download Shimadzu SCSI & RAID Devices Driver

USB Driver(32-bit) (1261KB)


Download Shimadzu Scsi & Raid Devices Drivers

Download Shimadzu SCSI & RAID Devices Driver

Device Driver Installation Manual

Download Shimadzu Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Win 7

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