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This song is such a masterpiece is all I want to say Thanks for watching!!drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo “Cover by Brahmani Novus. Novus 5.0.2 System Twenty years of engineering excellence has led to the development of our newest family: NOVUS. Literally thousands of hours have been spent on the design and refinement of our newest family in order to bring you a speaker of incredible value and performance.

The province requires individuals with Instruction Permits to attend a Novice Driver Course before taking their first road test. This is a mandatory educational program for all new drivers who do not complete a formal driver education program. Novus Vero free download - Vero, Novus Scan, Novus PDF, and many more programs.

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SOREDEX TWAIN is a simple-to-use bridge between SOREDEX imaging systems and third-party imaging software. SOREDEX TWAIN allows you to acquire images from SOREDEX imaging systems into third-party imaging software that supports the TWAIN standard.

Hold on to Your Favorite Software

You don’t have to give up your favorite third-party imaging software when buying a SOREDEX imaging system. Connect a new SOREDEX imaging system to your existing imaging software supporting TWAIN and acquire high quality images with confidence.

If you are interested, contact us to advise you on the next steps towards purchasing SOREDEX products.

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Supported Imaging Systems:

  • DIGORA™ Optime
  • CRANEX™ 3D (panoramic and cephalometric images only)
  • CRANEX™ Novus e


  • Connect a SOREDEX imaging system to third-party imaging software
  • Supports single or multiple image capture modes
  • Adjust image brightness, contrast and gamma before returning images to the host application
  • Automatic mode returns the image to the host application without additional user interaction
  • Supports returning 8-bit or 16-bit grayscale images to the host application


“ The Novus touch is indistinguishable from a grand piano –
If I was to close my eyes, I really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. ”

‒ Takeshi Oi, Concert Pianist


A quest for perfection

Koichi Kawai designed and built the first complete acoustic piano action in Japan in the early 1900s. In the decades that have followed, Kawai engineers continue to pursue the company founder’s quest for perfection, pioneering the use of state-of-the-art materials and designs that advance the piano art form.

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The Millennium III grand piano action found in today’s Kawai GX series instruments exemplifies Koichi’s philosophy. This highly-coveted action incorporates components produced using ABS Carbon, an extremely sturdy and rigid composite material that allows these action parts to be stronger, lighter, and faster than their conventional wooden counterparts. In addition, Kawai GX series grand pianos also utilise extended-length key sticks, providing greater control and a more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface.

The future of the piano

Drivers Nonus

The Millennium III Hybrid action represents the latest milestone in Kawai’s rich legacy of piano innovation, and serves as the centre-piece of the Novus NV10.

Based on the GX series’ proven action design, Millennium III Hybrid retains the composite parts and extended key sticks of its acoustic cousin, while replacing the traditional felt hammers with individually-weighted ABS equivalents. As a hybrid piano, there are no metal strings inside the Novus for these hammers to physically strike when the keys are played, therefore their precise movements are instead captured using high-resolution optical sensors mounted above the action.

Millennium III Hybrid delivers all of the benefits of a premium Kawai grand piano action within a digital instrument. This feat of modern engineering allows pianists of every level to enjoy the unmatched feeling of playing an acoustic grand piano, regardless of the time of day, or the size of their home.