Drivers NXP SCSI & RAID Devices

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USB Driver for Nokia 3100; driver NXP SCSI & RAID Devicesfor Windows 7; naked and dating; Hp 1110 all in one; Sony PCG-R600HMPD(FR)driver for free Dlink Dl10028a LAN. This driver is located in a sub-folder from the location where the LabTool software package was installed. The device manager shows the hardware is now enumerated as “NXP LabTool” Once the GUI is running, check that “LabTool Device” is displayed in the section marked “Selected device” in the diagram above.

Drivers Nxp Scsi & Raid Devices List


The PN544 is an integrated transmission module for contactlesscommunication. The driver goes under drives/nfc/ and is compiled as amodule named “pn544”.


Host Interfaces: I2C, SPI and HSU, this driver supports currently only I2C.


In the normal (HCI) mode and in the firmware update mode read andwrite functions behave a bit differently because the message formatsor the protocols are different.

In the normal (HCI) mode the protocol used is derived from the ETSIHCI specification. The firmware is updated using a specific protocol,which is different from HCI.

Drivers NXP SCSI & RAID Devices

HCI messages consist of an eight bit header and the message body. Theheader contains the message length. Maximum size for an HCI message is33. In HCI mode sent messages are tested for a correctchecksum. Firmware update messages have the length in the second (MSB)and third (LSB) bytes of the message. The maximum FW message length is1024 bytes.

For the ETSI HCI specification see

Drivers NXP SCSI & RAID Devices

Drivers Nxp Scsi & Raid Devices Usb

Supported chips:

  • NXP SI18IS602/602B/603


Guenter Roeck <>

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Drivers Nxp Scsi & Raid Devices Configuration


This driver provides connects a NXP SC18IS602/603 I2C-bus to SPI bridge to thekernel’s SPI core subsystem.

The driver does not probe for supported chips, since the SI18IS602/603 does notsupport Chip ID registers. You will have to instantiate the devices explicitly.Please see How to instantiate I2C devices for details.

Usage Notes¶

This driver requires the I2C adapter driver to support raw I2C messages. I2Cadapter drivers which can only handle the SMBus protocol are not supported.

The maximum SPI message size supported by SC18IS602/603 is 200 bytes. Attemptsto initiate longer transfers will fail with -EINVAL. EEPROM read operations andsimilar large accesses have to be split into multiple chunks of no more than200 bytes per SPI message (128 bytes of data per message is recommended). Thismeans that programs such as “cp” or “od”, which automatically use large blocksizes to access a device, can not be used directly to read data from EEPROM.Programs such as dd, where the block size can be specified, should be usedinstead.