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October 27, 2003

Printers Kiosks - Practical Automation

Practical Automation offers the ITK, cLTx, ATX38 printers for kiosks.

Choose from the printer series below. Click on the 'More Information' link for detailed descriptions of printer capabilities, special features, specifications and diagrams. You're sure to find a printer that meets you needs and your budget.

The ITK Series printers are designed to satisfy heavy duty printing applications. These may include the generation of coupons, maps, lists, graphics, etc. The printers operate under the Windows™ operating system utilizing a WYSIWYG driver supplied by Practical Automation. Print speed is fast — 3.1 inches per second.
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Setup the Practical Automation Printer, power it up, and connect it to the network via a hub, switch or router. If a hub, switch, or router is not available, a crossover cable between another computer and the printer will be needed. The default address of the printer is, (which is a commonly used IP address). Download the latest drivers, software, firmware, and diagnostics for your HP printers from the official HP Support website. Download the latest drivers, software, firmware, and diagnostics for your HP printers from the official HP Support website. Practical Automation offers a full line of best in class direct thermal kiosk printers, industrial airline printers and ticket printers. Whether you are looking for cinema tickets, stadium passes, airline boarding passes, or retail printouts, Practical Automation delivers a long life, and a rugged, versatile thermal printer for any application. Combined with a raster organized printer controller this flexible driver produces simple direct printed output at 300 dpi resolution, from any Windows application or language. Practical Automation ITK38 User Manual You can find Practical Automation printer documents, including ITK38 user manual in the following table.

Designed For Easy Integration
The cLTx series is a modular ticket printing system designed for easy integration into an ATM (automatic ticket machine) kiosk. The cLTx consists of two modules: a printer module and a power supply module. The printer module combines a thermal print mechanism, auto-cutter, and control electronics in a compact, lightweight package suitable for fixed base or slide mounting. Operating power is provided by a universal input power supply module. A four foot power interconnect cable allows the power module to be placed in a remote location for overall simplified packaging.

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GitHub - pretix/cups-fgl-printers: CUPS driver for FGL-based ...

ATX 38 Wide Format Kiosk Printer

A Direct Thermal Raster Graphics Printer Designed For Easy Kiosk Integration

The Practical Automation Model ATX 38 is the perfect choice for wide format, 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 inch printing in unattended kiosk systems. Applications include information dispensing, statements, government forms, educational registration, car rental forms, etc.

A direct thermal, Windows™ compatible printer with options and features to support operation in kiosks or similar environments. Choose model ATX 23 for 3.34 inch (85mm) paper width or ATX 24 for 4.48 inch (114mm) paper width. Print speed under Windows is very quick - 3.1 inches per second.
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