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Neuralog 300x Desktop Well Log Printeris the latest breakthrough in well log printing technology. With high speeds, outstanding print quality, and a small footprint, the 300x delivers well log prints right to your desktop. Now your personal desktop printer can print your important well logs along with your standard office documents.

©2015 All Rights Reserved. Printer supports direct text printing with the 'us-ascii' charset. Data logging printer; prints on continuous roll thermal paper. Prints text just fine, and the command set is fully documented. It should be straightforward to write a Ghostscript driver for the two bitmap modes (100 and 200dpi). Consumables/Refills: Just thermal paper. Print later is the perfect choice if you need to print confidential documents with finishing options and want to ensure your documents print exactly as you expect them to. Document can only be released to the printer it was printed to. Document is processed using the matching print driver, with full control of finishing options, for. ® How to Operate the Printrex 980 Printer Cleaning the Printer As the printer is used, ink and paper dust will be collected inside the printer. If the interior of the printer becomes dirty, this will cause printouts to become dirty, affect print quality, or interfere with smooth paper feeding. He Printrex 1242, wide format version of the Printrex 800 series, is the ideal thermal plotter for well logging, seismic, side scan sonar and mapping. Hand built to order in the United States; this printer embodies a sleek, wide format design with rugged reliability that can withstand the harshest land, sea and air environments.

The 300x utilizes a full page width printhead capable of printing at a speedy 14 inches per second while producing bold streak-free long lasting images. Easy to use with interactive display, simple media loading, and direct print ability from your preferred well log application or raster viewer.

Designed and built in partnership with HP, the Neuralog 300x is built on state-of-the-art HP PageWide Technology. With a page wide array of over 42,000 individual ink nozzles, this innovative technology prints in a single pass at the fastest speeds of any well log printer in existence, producing prints with uniformity of weight, speed and trajectory. Simply said, the Neuralog 300x well log printer is the fastest and highest quality ink-based option on the market.


NeuraLog 300x is a high speed, high-quality desktop well log printer that delivers your logs quickly and efficiently. Its straightforward design makes well log printing as simple as any other office document printing.

– Fastest well log printer available at up to 20 inches per second

– Printer is small enough to sit on your desktop as an integrated part of your work space

– Precise and high quality well log prints without the tractor feed

– High speed processing and fast delivery makes printing almost instantaneous

– Single step paper loading and self stacking makes printer ergonomically friendly

– High quality water resistant inks are pen and pencil friendly

Color and B&W SpeedUp to 14 inches per second for full-scale well log printing
Media Type**Full Scale – 8.5″ wide
Half Scale – 5″ wide
Letter & A4 for Well Reports, Duplex
Max Print Resolution300 or 600 dpi for normal well log printing
Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi on special media
InterfacesNetwork Ethernet and USB
Ink Cartridges
  • Durable Neuralog pigment inks
  • 9,200 estimated page yield (Black)
  • 6,600 estimated page yield (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Processor/Memory792MHz 512MB on board RAM
Size (inches)
Weight (pounds)
Print Engine
20.3W x 15.7H x 15D
37.8 lbs
ElectricalBuilt-in Universal 100v to 240v

*Specifications subject to change.
**Neuralog’s paper has undergone rigorous testing in our engineering facility. We recommend its use for all well log printing.


Quickly view, process, and print well logs and maps from multiple file types.

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Purpose-built for scanning well logs and continuous documents from anywhere.


Accurately convert scanned logs into workstation-ready digital data.


Evaluate and display all available geological data to efficiently present the total play.

More Information

Download the Printrex 800 Series spec sheet PDF

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The Printrex 800 series are the ideal thermal plotters for well logging, seismic, side scan sonar and mapping. Hand built to order in the United States; these printers embody a sleek design with rugged reliability that can withstand the harshest land, sea and air environments.
The 800 series consists of four high resolution, grey scale plotters with user defined configurability. These printers are unmatched in the industry and offer high throughput, efficient handling with field proven architecture and superior quality.
• 8 inch print widths
• 2 inches per second and 4 inches per second plot speed
• 200 dots per inch and 300 dots per inch print density
• Desktop, Rack-Mount and Panel-Mount Models
• USB and Ethernet connectivity capabilities
• Top of Form (TOF) sensor

Rugged Reliability
Designed specifically to handle the environmental challenges of logging trucks and off-shore platforms while maintaining data integrity from file to output.
Gray Scale Printing
All models in this product family can print 32 levels of gray. This is indicated by the “G’ in the suffix to the model number.
Ease of Use and Efficiency
With an average weight of 20 lbs, the 800 series printers are lightweight, compact printers with convenient access to internal parts. The simplicity of design and interface allows for little user intervention and keeps printer in full production.
Media Specifications
As a thermal printer, the only consumable necessary is paper. Paper and film are both compatible.

Printer Selection Guide

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ModelPlot SpeedDot DensityLine LengthSpec Sheet
822 G25020388.52161,728822 G Spec Sheet
822 DL/G25020388.52161,728822 DL/G Spec Sheet
843 DL/G410030011.818.52162,560843 DL/G Spec Sheet

Physical Characteristics

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Dimensions H x W x DShipping Weight
8-inch width printers
- Panel Mount4.1 x 11.9 x 4.9710.4 x 30.2 x 12.673.2
- Desk Top4.87 x 12.3 x 12.012.4 x 31.2 x 30.5219.5
- Rack Mount5.25 x 19 x 16 1213.3 x 48.3 x 412210