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  1. Motorsport has developed into a professional international competition. However, limited research is available on the perceptual and cognitive skills of racing drivers. By means of a racing simulator, we compared the driving performance of seven racing drivers with ten non-racing drivers.
  2. HID® FARGO® HDPii/HDPii Plus Windows Driver - 28.06 MB This driver has the fix for the Windows 10 build 1903 or later update.
  3. Driver America's Auto Auction Jun 2020 - Aug 2020 3 months. Wayland, Michigan, United States Congressional Intern. 2 others named Nicholas Raak are on LinkedIn.

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We thank Menno Merts (vehicle and test equipment preparation), Arjan Stuiver, Dick Lenior (test set up/development), and Henny Wilke (test leader) for their support in the research project. The research was supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science through the RAAK-PRO project: “ADVICE: Advanced Driver Vehicle Interface in a Complex Environment”. RAAK-PRO focusses on the enhancement of applied scientific research by Universities of Applied Sciences, in cooperation with the industry.