Drivers Raytek Rsb Port Devices

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The Android/Linux UART/serial port access from user is through the tty-devices. The tty-devices have different names depending on UART driver on different board.



RS-485 uses half-duplex communication, which means that one medium is shared for transmitting and receiving data.

Therefore the system needs to control the RS-485 transceiver's transmit mode.

Usually the UART RTS signal is used to switch the transmitter on and off.

RSB4710 Borad

COM NameDevice NodeRemark
COM0 /dev/ttyS0
pull to M2 interface for BT using
support RS232, no flow control
Debug Port
support RS232
COM4 /dev/ttyUSB1
support RS232
/dev/ttyUSB2 support RS232 and RS485
support RS232 and RS485

Note :

1. Only COM4、USB2COM0、USB2COM1、USB2COM2、USB2COM3 are designed for custom using.

2. Only USB2COM2 and USB2COM3 support RSB485.

3. COM2 is designed as debug port default.

Enter U-boot interrupt mode

Connect device to debug port, and open debug console. See more : How_to_debug.

Press 'ctrl + c' key before power up the device, until get the following information on debug console :

Then you can input the following cammand to config UART mode.

Drivers Raytek Rsb Port Devices

Config Uart Mode

Only ttyUSB2 and ttyUSB3 support RS485 mode.

RS485 Mode:

RS232 Mode:


Note :

The default value is RS232.

Cp210x support four port, but RSB4710 Only ttyUSB2 and ttyUSB3 support RS485 mode.

Drivers Raytek Rsb Port Devices Download

Above command 'setenv uart_mode 0x0c', 0x0c means set bit2(ttyUSB2) and bit3(ttyUSB3) to 1 (0 means to RS232; 1 means to RS485).

If you just want ttyUSB2 (or ttyUSB3)to be RSB485 mode, please change 0x0c to 0x04 (or 0x08).

Drivers Raytek Rsb Port Devices Inc

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