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Download the SafeNet Drivers for Windows. (CertCentral) Download the SafeNet Drivers for Windows. Note: Before you run the SafeNet Authentication Client, make sure your token is unplugged (in other words, not plugged into the USB port on the computer). Run the SafeNet Authentication Client program that you downloaded. I need recommendation of the correct driver for my SafeNet usb key for a program from 2007. I used it on Windows 7 64-bit with success and now I would SafeNet USB Driver for Windows 10 64-bit - Gemalto Sentinel Customer Discussions. SafeNet Minidriver is a perfect solution for IT departments who need minimal administrative support and just need a light solution. With SafeNet Minidriver, IT departments can easily manage Thales minidriver-enabled smart cards and eTokens in a Windows environment. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Help us improve this article with your feedback. PC Pitstop - PC Performance Roots. PC Pitstop began in 1999 with an emphasis on computer diagnostics and maintenance. During the early days of the dot com boom, our online PC maintenance tools were skyrocketing.

If you purchased an Isadora 3 USB Key License, you'll need to install drivers on your computer to use your USB Key.

Please make sure that you have downloaded the USB Key Driver.

  • Go to our Get It page
  • Under the 'RELATED DOWNLOADS' section, find 'USB Key Driver (Required if you use a USB Key)'
  • Click on the Mac or Windows symbol to the right (as appropriate for your operating system).
  • Download the drivers
  • Restart your computer
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You can also follow the links below to download the latest version of the USB Key installer from the website of Thales.

If you can't download the drivers with one of the options above, please contact us.

Sentinel USB Key

RISA uses a Sentinel USB Key for licensing. This key may be plugged into any USB port on the machine. When functioning properly the key will light up green or red when plugged into a running machine.

The design of Sentinel's keys has changed over the years. The oldest Sentinel USB Keys are purple, and typically do not have an adhesive label attached. Newer ones are black. The newest keys are purple and have a much more compact size to them. The black keys and new purple keys have an adhesive label designating their Key ID. See the image below:


  • If trying to determine whether a USB key is a RISA key, the presence of the serial # SRB11137 usually signifies it is a RISA key.
  • Safenet Sentinel Superpro keys, in rare instances, may have a problem being read when plugged into a USB 3.0 port. If you run into this issue please use a USB 2.0 port instead.

Launching the RISA Product

When launching a RISA standalone product the product will search for a connected Sentinel USB Key. If no key is found then the following dialog box is displayed (Warning 3):

The user can check the key then click Yes to try again, or click No to exit.


  • In rare circumstances Warning L:26 will accompany this message. If this occurs it is letting you know that there is a license file issue that is not authorizing the program. Either time tampering or UAC problems are occurring.
  • In very rare circumstances Warning L:509 will accompany this message. If this occurs it is letting you know that there is a license file issue in combination with a license file that is not authorizing the program. The latest version of the RISA Key Manager was not used in generating the Locking Criteria.

Removing the Key

RISA Products periodically check to ensure that the Sentinel USB Key is plugged in. Removing the Sentinel USB Key during the operation of a RISA standalone product will eventually cause the following dialog box to be displayed:

Once this dialog box is displayed, no additional work may be done within the RISA Product until the key is inserted. Clicking the No button on the dialog box displayed above will automatically save the file (overwriting the previous version of the file) and exit the program immediately.


Remote Desktop

Standalone licenses allow access through Remote Desktop for all current RISA programs except RISASection.

Drivers safenet china usb devices usb

Key Driver

A Sentinel driver is necessary for the machine to read the USB key. This driver must be installed prior to plugging in the key. The latest Sentinel System Driver (also called the Sentinel Protection Installer) can be obtained from the RISA Product Licensing website, and is always included in both the Network server and Standalone Perpetual installs (this install is ran from the SetupSPI.exe located in the RISASentinel Protection Installer folder).

To confirm that your machine is running the latest driver open the Device Manager, which is accessible through the Windows Control Panel. If the key is plugged in and the correct driver is installed then it will be listed under the Universal Serial Bus controllers as a SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro device

Drivers Safenet China Usb Devices Dongle

Double-click on the SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro device to view its properties. Clicking on the Driver tab will reveal the Driver Version:

Manual Driver Installation

There are times when the driver has some difficulty installing. In these cases it may be necessary to manually install the Sentinel Driver. To do this:

  1. In the device manager highlight the entry for the USB key. It may appear as USB UltraPro or USB SuperPro and have yellow triangle on it to indicate an incomplete driver install.

Drivers Safenet China Usb Devices Wireless Adapter

  1. Now right-click to bring up a menu as shown below and choose Update Driver Software…
  1. You should get Update Driver Software dialog shown below. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option:
  1. The browse dialog below will come up. Browse to following location: C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSafeNet SentinelSentinel System Driver
  2. Click Next on the dialog and the driver software should install.

SSD Cleanup

There are instances when uninstalling the key driver will leave remnants of information in the registry. This will sometimes cause problems in reading the key when a new version of the key driver is installed. In this instance it may be required to run the SSD Cleanup utility to fix this problem. This file is called SSDCleanup.exe.

It is located here (by default): C:Program FilesRISASentinel System Driverx64


  • If RISA has been installed to a location other than C:Program Files then you will find a Sentinel System Driver subfolder in that other location (e.g. C:RISA)

Drivers Safenet China USB Devices

So the typical way to fix key driver issues is as follows:

  1. Uninstall the key driver from the machine.
  2. Run the SSD Cleanup utility (SSDCleanup.exe or SSDCleanupx64.exe).
  3. Re-install the key driver by running the SetupSPI.exe from the C:Program FilesRISASentinel System Driver folder

Drivers Safenet China Usb Devices Usb