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Due to the complexity of filing NYS Sales Tax, I will no longer do repairs or sales in NYS

Northgate Keyboard Repair

Northgate Keyboards

OmniKey 101's, 102's, Ultra T's, Ultra Plus's, and Ultra's

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Similar keyboards with Alps or Alps type switches
MCK142 Pro, Zenith, Dell, Focus keyboards (clicky switch)

From policing to government services and healthcare, Northgate's IT and software solutions ensure that the right data is delivered where it needs to be.

New addition to keyboards for sale

Changes 06/13/2014

Cherry switch keyboards added.

I can do limited refurbing of keyboards that have Cherry switches. I can refurb, clean and replace switches only.

I do not have any other parts for the various brands of keyboards that use Cherry switches. No key caps or any internal parts available.

This is strictly for refurbing and switch replacement only.

Stand behind America
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Starting Friday 11/15/13


This is to say thanks for your military service past and present.

Anyone currently serving in the military or a veteran who furnishes me with documentation

proving service will receive a 10% discount on there repair including parts, but does not

include new accessories or shipping charges. This is for one keyboard only.

This applies to repairs only, not new accessories or keyboards.

If you do not have your discharge paper DD214, military discharge or military ID card

go to this web address for documentation.

Click above to enter the

The Wounded Warrior Project
supporting our wounded soldiers

Press to e-mail
Bob Tibbetts

If you have Earthlink or other types of e-mail where I have to click


on a link for the e-mail to go through, I will not click on any link or respond to them.

Call me instead.

or call
Phone :518-733-6085

Fax :518-733-6087

Hours of operation
8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Monday through Saturday

Repair Technician
Bob Tibbetts

This is for a complete cleaning and repair of a Northgate keyboard, any modeland other brands that have Alps switches.

Would you like to have your Northgate look like the keyboards pictured below? I will disassemble your keyboard, clean the inside, wash keycaps and all plastic parts, test all key switches and replace if necessary. Your keyboard will look and act like new again. I can sometimes fix motherboards, but not chips, etc.

I have been refurbing and repairing Northgate keyboards for over 20 years now.

Yellow, Orange discolored Keyboard tops
Thanks to a couple of customers that sent me a link to a formula to take out the 'Orange, Yellowish color of some Northgate keyboards, I can now take out most of the discoloration of these keyboards. It is very slow and takes numerous applications of the solution and requires a bright sunny day to work. I have not tried keycaps as I think it will be to tedious and expensive. To do the keyboard top, the cost is $30.00

Northgate Warranty

My work is guaranteed. If you have any problem or another switch goes bad other than what we repaired or replaced in the first 30 days, ship it back and I will repair it, at no charge for the labor, there will be a charge for any new parts needed.

You pay the shipping to me and I will pay the return shipping.

The keyboard has to be returned in the original packing or there will be a charge for new packaging.

Warranty policy update 12/12/2009

From 45 to 90 days, any switches replaced will be $6.00 each installed plus return shipping and packaging if needed.

90 days to 180 days any switches replaced will be $12.00 each installed plus return shipping and packaging if needed.

The base charge for cleaning and repair is $60.00 for any model of Northgate keyboard, except Dvorak layout and Evolution's. For Dvorak layout and Evolution's add $10.00 After diagnostics, if you decide against the repair, there will be $10.00 minimum charge.
If the repair is less than $25.00 the charge will be the minimum of $25.00
If a keyboard is excessively dirty like the before and after 102, there will be a $10.00 surcharge, If it like the dirty 101 the surcharge will be $20.00.
Any parts needed are an extra charge. Shipping is not included.

On any 101P's, 102P's, Ultra TP's, Ultra's, Avant Prime's and Avant Stellar's I will remove the bad programming chip at NC if I'm refurbing the keyboard.

I will ship back to you by UPS ground insured. Shipping costs will be actual cost plus $6.00 for packaging / handling,
multiple keyboards are $3.00 extra for packaging. (Packaging includes the box, foam pouch and anti static peanuts)

Any keyboards repaired and not paid within 60 days of the repair will be considered
abandoned and will be sold for the repair cost.

I can make the following:

Internal cables for Ultras
Cord receptacle and internal cable for all removable cord OmniKeys

Programmable Northgates

If you have a programmable Northgate, a non dip switch model, I can clean it and replace switches. If it is locking up, it is caused by a bad Bios chip. There is a fix, e-mail me and I will tell you how to fix the problem.

Get this neat utility for your programmable Northgate that will allow key swapping on Windows Systems

SharpKeys at

Your Northgate will work with USB. I have the adapters and cables in stock.
Not all USB adapters are compatible with Northgates and the new P4 computers.
Single Port USB adapters
Three Port USB adapters, PS2 Mouse & Keyboard inputs
6' m/f USB Extender cables
Other USB Cable lengths available.
Assorted ends for Cameras and Printers available.
AT/PS2 adapters
6' & 10' PS2 m/m cables for Northgate keyboards

PayPal or Credit cards accepted for payment.

The keyboard must be shipped to me packaged and insured. I will not be responsible for damage from shipping.

e-mail me for shipping instructions and address
Press to e-mail
Bob Tibbetts

Alternate e-mail
Bob Tibbetts


Call to check latest inventory.

11/15/20 Check for latest quantities, changing daily.

0 Evolutions without Touch Pad

0 Evolutions with Touch Pad

4 101-I's $165.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

2 101-N's $165.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 101P AT cable & AT/PS2 adapter,

3 101's $165.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 102's AT/XT Hard wired

7 102's AT/XT Removable Cable 4 of these are in almost new condition, slightly yellow.

$175.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

6 102 8 switch 1 of these are in almost new condition, slightly yellow. $175.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 102 Gold Label blue switch in good condition, slightly yellow

0 102 Gold Label white switch

8 102 newer style similar to 101's with Logo door $175.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 102 newer style similar to 101's with Logo door in near new condition.

0 102P ' ' ' ' ' no dip switches

11 Ultra T $185.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Ultra T in almost new condition

0 Ultra TP

9 Plus's $190.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Plus with a very low serial #, one of the first produced.

6 Ultra's $200.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

1 Ultra in near new condition $225.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

1 Ultra's newer Logo Style $200.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

Hardwired keyboards come with an AT/PS2 adapter, reproduced manual and a ring key puller.
No manuals with any P model, only an AT/PS2 adapter and a ring key puller

All removable cable models come with a new 6' straight PS2 cable reproduced manual and a ring key puller.

101, 102, Ultra T, Plus, Ultra



0 Addison (similar to Evolution without Glide Point) White Alps

0 New Wang 725-3770 With Black Alps See Pictures below. Black Alps

2 Siig MiniTouch new in box. White Alps switches $125.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

2 Majestic Similar to MiniTouch keyboard with Cherry switches $125.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Avant Prime

14 Avant Stellar (Putty) New looking. $185.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Avant Stellar (Black)

0 MCK142 Pro White Alps

1 Beltron 0K-100M mechanical switch similar to Alps, see picture below, Alps type switch

$75.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Chicony KB-5181 Alps Switches

1 Dell QuietKey (Black Alps switch) similar to a 101P, refurbished $125.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

1 Dell QuietKey (Black Alps switch) new in box $160.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Focus 2001 blue Alps switches, refurbished

0 Focus 2001 refurbished

0 Focus 2000 Plus White Alps

1 Focus FK-7000P new in box, White Alps switches $150.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

2 FKB4725 new in box, mechanical switch similar to Alps $100.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Raytron K108 new in box, mechanical switches, similar to a 101, green Alps

1 Thermaltake MEGA-G Gaming keyboard with all original packing and access.

7 CDzl71002N White Alps switch like a 101 New in Box $125.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

1 KM988K Yellow Alps Large Print letters on caps $75.00 plus UPS/Pkg.

0 Zeos with White Alps switches (like a 101)

New replacement coiled PS2 cables for 101P, 102P, Ultra TP, Ultra P

New key puller sets for Avant Prime or Avant Stellar also Northgate keyboards

Limited quantities available. $10.00 plus shipping per set.

Accessories included with Refurbed keyboards.
All refurbed keyboards come with a new coiled cord, new PS2 adapter if needed, ring key puller and a reproduced manual. All Northgate P model keyboards do not have a manual or a new cord, as these keyboards were hardwired and software driven written for W98 and earlier. Manuals are included with the exceptions listed above for (Northgates, Dell's, new Focus and MiniTouch keyboards) Hardwired keyboards do not have a new cord. Northgate Gold Label 102's, some AT/XT 102's, 101P's, 102P's, Ultra TP's, Evolution's and other hardwired keyboards.

See pictures below.

I also buy used OmniKeys

Gold Label 102

Before Cleaning

Click to make larger

After Cleaning


Before Cleaning
Click to make larger

After Cleaning

Northgate laptops & desktops driver download free

Dirty 101

Dirty 101 Inside

Early 101-N XT/AT w/plastic back

Click to make larger

2 available

Early 101-I
Click to make larger

OmniKey 101
Click to make larger

OmniKey 101P
Click to make larger

OmniKey 102
Click to make larger

Ultra T
Newer style 102 is the same without the SF keys across the top
Click to make larger

Click to make larger

Click to make larger

without Touch Pad
Click to make larger

Dell Quiet Writer, new
Uses an Alps switch like Northgate
Click to make larger

Beltron IZEOK-100M Alps type switch, AT connector, new
Click to make larger

KM BF-7120/7120-B Yellow Alps switches, new
Click to make larger

Rayton FKD46AK108 Green Alps switches, cover, new
Click to make larger

Focus 7000P White Alps, cover, new
Click to make larger

Lexmark (QTSI) IBM M, new in box
Click to make larger

Addison Ergonomic Keyboard

For all of you laptop owners who hate the keyboard feel and miss a Northgate. The answer comes in a small packgage.
An early Minitouch keyboard, Alps switches with the same great feel as a Northgate.
This keyboard is 6-1/16'X12-1/8' and weighs about 1# I have 0 of these in stock that are refurbed.

Click to make larger

Replacement Function key strip available for 102's (3 pcs.) with sticky back.

New Northgate Keyboard Cover
Click to make larger

2 available for Logo Style 102's

Northgate Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

19 for Northgate 101P or Avant Prime keyboards

Any of the above covers $7.50 plus shipping

USB adapters that will work with a Northgate keyboard.

7.5' USB extender cables

4 Port USB Hubs

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Need Specialty Keycaps?
Arkay Engravers, Inc.

CustomPad-printing and Engraving
Custom Keycaps for Computer Keyboards

Robert Tibbetts

Tel 518-733-6085
Fax 518-733-6087

If you have Earthlink or other types of e-mail where I have to click

on a link for the e-mail to go through, I will not click on any link or respond to them.

Northgate Laptops & Desktops Driver Download Free

Alternate e-mail
Bob Tibbetts

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