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Mach-DSP Servo Driver for all ScannerMAX galvos APPLICATIONS ■ Raster Imaging ■ Optical Layout Templates ■ Optical Coherence Tomography ■ Laser entertainment (light show) displays ■ Laser Marking (including XY2-100 support) UNIQUE ScannerMAX FEATURES ■ PC-based Graphical User Interface ■ Six user-configurable test / status outputs ■ Up to four, instantly-accessible scanner tunings ■ Built-in diagnostic and performance analysis tools ■ Supports PD, PID, PDF and PDFF servo control laws BENEFITS ■ Compact package size ■ Modest power requirements ■ Highly configurable and versatile ■ Single package handles both X and Y axis ■ Ability to add customizations via firmware updates GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Mach-DSP servo driver is Pangolin’s latest and most advanced development in galvo control technology. By taking advantage of high-speed floating-point Digital Signal Processors, 16-bit data converters, direct digital command input, and highly configurable servo algorithms, the Mach-DSP provides full-function, two-axis servo driver electronics in a cost-effective and compact package. Many advanced techniques and user-customizable features are embodied within the Mach-DSP which, when combined with Pangolin’s ScannerMAX scanners, deliver a level of speed, accuracy and convenience that were unattainable before now. The Mach-DSP can be accessed using a PC-based Graphical User Interface software package, where the built-in Test Pattern Generator, Oscilloscope and Dynamic Signal Analyzer can be used to monitor and adjust the more than 50 performance parameters per axis. These performance parameters can be stored in four separate memory areas (called “tunings”) for instant access and recall at any time. Additional features and behavioral customizations can be added via firmware updates that take only a few minutes to download, helping to make the Mach-DSP “future-proof”. The Mach-DSP servo driver was created with OEMs in mind, incorporating a simple yet comprehensive and flexible interface structure, consisting of the usual analog command input and analog position output, but also including two optically-isolated TTL inputs and outputs, two serial ports, and six user-configurable analog outputs. This, together with the modest power requirement and compact size allows laser system manufactures to package the servo driver electronics, the scanners, and often the power supply as well, directly into the laser projector head.

I modified the driver as specified on the galvos page and I'm using two power source, which can generate +-30V, from medialas, to source the two driver boards. I connected the +-30V and ground on the boards and as a test, before I connected the galvos to the driver board, I measured the voltage drop between the motor+ and motor- output of the. Take your special events to the next level with Pangolin's laser software and utility add-ons. Pangolin is a world leader in the field of laser display.

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Pangolin Laser Driver Scanner


Pangolin Laser Driver Laser

A voltage level of 0 volts shall close the shutter so that no light is emitted from the graphics scanners. Optical shutter intended to extinguish all light from the graphics scanners. CD or DVD discs can provide more than three colour channels. The strongest blue line is really blue-green cyan at nm. When used this way, this is a unipolar analogue voltage whose range is 5 volts peak-to-peak differential. In some situations, this is unavoidable. Blue nm to nm.

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Pangolin QuickShow Lasershow Designer is a very complete and user friendly ILDA laser software. It includes the FB4 SE Ethernet network hardware controller. Welcome to the Support Center. In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

USER MANUAL – Nordisk Musik AB

Projector Return Signal Return signal from the projector. This is a unipolar analogue signal whose voltage range is 5V peak-to-peak differential. In case of safety, it’s very important that to connect the earth with line.

A differential voltage level of V shall represent “rear” or “far from the viewer”. It is important to note that this portion of the ISP-DB25 is a projector interlock which may be separate from the remote interlock connector on a laser used with the projector.

A differential voltage level of 0 volts shall produce no deep-blue output. The 10th code is switch code.

If you open software before turn on the lamp, please restart the software. If Pin 4 not be connected to Pin 17, it means there no interfacial card otherwise there has and the connection db2f can receive all the signal of laser perform software that accord with the ILDA standard, such as LD of Pangolin company.

Please check the voltage whether is the same with the one showed on the equipment or not. It d25f a logical ordering of signals to facilitate easy recollection in the field without a diagram. Z For volumetric or stereoscopic applications where it is desired to have a separate signal which indicates depth, this shall be supplied on the “User-defined signal 4” pair.

ILDA Laser pinout

Pangolin laser driver scanner

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The shutter signal is referenced to ildaa Ground pin. Controls the green intensity. A differential voltage level of 0 volts shall produce no cyan output.

Once after received this products please take and put carefully. Don’t look straightly at the light sources.

Driver for Laserworld Showeditor USB interfaces

If the 10th code is OFF, the codes are function code. Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page s. The following recommendations are provided for these applications to ensure maximum compatibility between projector manufacturers. Don’t separate the light personally. But you will need to make changes as above iilda when dn25f use Mamba Black software Easylaser interfacial card of MediaLaser company. Products should be install immobility.

Yellow supplied on user2 nm to nm. Fortunately, many computer systems or custom playback systems e.

Pangolin laser driver test

Here is how to use it. A differential voltage level of 0 volts shall produce image polarization visible to the left eye and invisible to the right eye.

Keep space between light equipments and wall more than 0. When the 10th code is OFF, code are function codes. Maintain the distance at least 10M above from the equipment to the object.

Deep-blue Where it is desired to have a separate signal which controls the deep-blue intensity, this signal shall be db52f on the “User-defined signal 1” pair.

Download method 2 used MIC: CD or DVD discs can provide more than three colour channels. Where it is desired to have a separate signal which controls the beam diameter, this shall be supplied on the “User-defined signal 3” pair.

Pangolin Laser Driver Download

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