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Mach-DSP Servo Driver for all ScannerMAX galvos APPLICATIONS ■ Raster Imaging ■ Optical Layout Templates ■ Optical Coherence Tomography ■ Laser entertainment (light show) displays ■ Laser Marking (including XY2-100 support) UNIQUE ScannerMAX FEATURES ■ PC-based Graphical User Interface ■ Six user-configurable test / status outputs ■ Up to four, instantly-accessible scanner tunings ■ Built-in diagnostic and performance analysis tools ■ Supports PD, PID, PDF and PDFF servo control laws BENEFITS ■ Compact package size ■ Modest power requirements ■ Highly configurable and versatile ■ Single package handles both X and Y axis ■ Ability to add customizations via firmware updates GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Mach-DSP servo driver is Pangolin’s latest and most advanced development in galvo control technology. By taking advantage of high-speed floating-point Digital Signal Processors, 16-bit data converters, direct digital command input, and highly configurable servo algorithms, the Mach-DSP provides full-function, two-axis servo driver electronics in a cost-effective and compact package. Many advanced techniques and user-customizable features are embodied within the Mach-DSP which, when combined with Pangolin’s ScannerMAX scanners, deliver a level of speed, accuracy and convenience that were unattainable before now. The Mach-DSP can be accessed using a PC-based Graphical User Interface software package, where the built-in Test Pattern Generator, Oscilloscope and Dynamic Signal Analyzer can be used to monitor and adjust the more than 50 performance parameters per axis. These performance parameters can be stored in four separate memory areas (called “tunings”) for instant access and recall at any time. Additional features and behavioral customizations can be added via firmware updates that take only a few minutes to download, helping to make the Mach-DSP “future-proof”. The Mach-DSP servo driver was created with OEMs in mind, incorporating a simple yet comprehensive and flexible interface structure, consisting of the usual analog command input and analog position output, but also including two optically-isolated TTL inputs and outputs, two serial ports, and six user-configurable analog outputs. This, together with the modest power requirement and compact size allows laser system manufactures to package the servo driver electronics, the scanners, and often the power supply as well, directly into the laser projector head.


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