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Download Perle drivers and manuals for Perle's TruePort COM-Port re-director for use with IOLAN Terminal Servers. Perle has been providing reliable device. Download M-Audio Perle MTA8 Parallel Port other device drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver update. Download Download DriverPack Online. DriverPack Online will find and install the drivers you need automatically. Download DriverPack Online for free. All app versions DriverPack removal Hardware Manufacturers. Windows device driver information for Perle SPEED4 Serial Port Perle SPEED4 Serial Port comes with a limited lifetime standard warranty and its intelligently designed features offer high performance. It has multi- port I/O serial card usually used for PCI-based servers and it is also considered a low maintenance device. Make sure that the TruePort and DS Port number used is not replicated. If you have multiple IOLAN Device Server devices, make a note of which IOLAN Device Server is allocated to what COM number. You can then run the Seiko printer software to add the printer to this new COM port. Note: The Seiko driver recognises COM ports 1 through 9.

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Perle Knowledgebase
Perle Multiport Serial Cards and the Linux kernel


Perle Multiport Serial Cards and the Linux kernel

Perle Port Devices Driver Download


The following card drivers are currently included in the 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernel (some cards may require kernel updates. See the Perle Software Download page for details):

Perle Speed 4 (+)
Perle I/O8+ (ISA/PCI)
Perle PCI-Fast (2.4.x kernel)
Perle PCI-RAS v.90

The UltraPort, PCI-RAS v.92 and Speed LE cards currently requires the perle-serial kernel module to be installed.

Required kernel parameters:

Kernel config for 2.4.x


Character Devices ->
[*] Extended dumb serial device options
[*] Support more than 4 serial ports
[*] Support for sharing interrupts
[*] Support special multiport boards (note: for I/O8+, SX, and RIO cards)

Kernel config for 2.6.x

Device Drivers -> Character Devices ->
[*] Non-standard serial port support (note: for I/O8+, SX, or RIO cards in non-SMP kernels)
serial drivers ->
<*> 8250/16550 and compatible serial support
[*] Extended 8250/16550 serial driver options
[*] Support more than 4 legacy serial ports
[*] Support for sharing serial interrupts
[*] Support special multiport boards

The Speed 4, PCI-Fast (2.4.x kernels), and PCI-RAS v.90 use the Linux serial drivers, so no additional driver is required to be enabled.

The following cards require to be enabled in the kernel. Creating a module [M] is the prefered method. To enable kernel configuration you must enable the following:


[M] Specialix IO8+ card support


[M] Specialix SX (and SI) card support

Perle Port Devices Driver Download


[M] Specialix RIO system support

If you are not familiar with rebuilding the kernel/modules then please contact the Support group of the Linux distribution you have purchased (or their support website). You can also obtain How-To documents from the Linux Documentation Project website (see link below).

Note: some Linux distributions will have these character device settings enabled as a default so no kernel/module recompile may be required.

You can quickly check to see if the module has been incorporated by running the modprobe command to load the module after the card has been installed:
# modprobe specialix
# modprobe sx
# modprobe rio
# modprobe perle-serial

If this command returns an error then the module is not supported and the kernel must be rebuilt.

Perle Device Manager

Refer to the Perle User Guide for further details on configuration.

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Perle Port Devices Driver Download Win 7



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Perle port devices driver downloads

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Perle Port Devices Driver Download Windows 7

Perle Port Devices Driver Downloads

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