Presonus Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

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PreSonus claims that this is the best interface for your budget. I can attest, that’s not far from the truth.

Today, PreSonus is a leading designer and manufacturer of both recording and live-sound hardware and software solutions that solve real-world problems for real working creatives. Create without limits—wherever sound takes you. Latest downloads from PreSonus in Sound Card. Sort by: last update. PreSonus FireStudio Universal Control / Driver 1.2.2715 / 3.5.5 for Mac OS 4,404. The unit is Lightweight, compact and the build feels solid so taking it with you isn't a problem. The preamps sound great! Very clean and crisp with a lot of headroom. My other unit is the Mbox Pro 8x8, which I love, but I’d say the Presonus Preamps are brighter. I’m also a fan of the input level meter on the front panel.

by Alex Arsov, May 2020

This is a USB-C audio card, but it also comes with a converter cable to USB-B, so you can easily connect it with your old computer. It has really superb-sounding audio-to-digital converters. It operates at up to 192 Hz sample rate, 24-bit recording, but I assume you will normally stick with the good old 44.1 Hz sample rate. The result sounds very clean and sharp. It comes with professional XMAX-L preamps that give you plenty of headroom, so a hot guitar recording is not a problematic scenario.

Still, all this information is just that, and PR will not convince you to buy this product. Yes, it is true. It sounds great, no objections. It also has a specification (and sound) that could serve you for many years to come. But then again, there are a few products from respected companies at a similar price and similar quality on the market. So, what made me buy this product and not some other?

Reason No. 1

First of all, this is not my first hardware product from PreSonus. I have their old Comp 16 compressor which still looks like new, having been discontinued for many years, but still functional with great sound, built to last forever. I also have their Atom, Studio One controller, and of course, Studio One, which I’ve been using for many years. So, it’s a company that I trust. That’s the first reason. My son has my old audio interface. I will not tell you the name, but it’s from a well-known manufacturer that dropped support for it as soon as they brought a new product to the market, and now the interface doesn’t work with Windows 10. A good, solid audio interface that I can’t use anymore. So, this is something that I’m sure won’t happen with PreSonus. These days, trust is everything.

Reason No. 2

Presonus Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 64


The second reason … I already mentioned it. You should see my Comp 16, it really looks like new and I’m not someone that particularly takes care of his gear. Simply put, it was built to last. I’ve taken it on the road to various recordings and it’s still in great condition. Same it goes for the PreSonus 24c. Small, but so solid you could use it as a weapon in a tavern brawl. Metal case with high-quality rubber on the bottom to keep it stable on the desk. Definitely something that will look the same after ten or fifteen years. I’m really sick of buying a new product every time Microsoft (or Apple!) decides to put one on the market. Either build quality is so bad that it falls apart or there is no up-to-date driver available. If I’ll get rich, I will buy myself some high-end fancy analog hardware, but until then I’ll stick with some great sounding, simple audio cards that do the job perfectly. The PreSonus 24c seems to fit in nicely here.

As this is a review, I should probably say something about the product specification – all those things you can easily read on the manufacturer’s webpage. 2x mic/instrument/line inputs, 2x outputs, phantom power, headphone output for direct monitoring. OK, I’m glad we did that.

Reason No. 3

Presonus Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 32

The third reason: every hardware manufacturer bundles some software along with their products these days. Usually, it’s software they think would make us happy, but in most cases, only complete newcomers really benefit, as everyone else has it or something like it. I don’t want to be rude, but come on, my dear well-respected companies, don’t treat us like idiots, because in most cases, we are not. So, back to the third reason. PreSonus 24c actually comes with a very impressive software collection. Studio One Artist, that it is a bit limited by nature, as it doesn’t support third-party VSTs, but Presonus has added its Studio Magic suite. This is a very impressive collection of VST instruments and effects that integrate themselves with Studio One Artist, turning this limited edition into a very capable DAW, giving you tools that can really do the job. A very nice move from PreSonus. This collection even contains some of the high-end items that I use on my productions every day. Movement from Output has been my secret weapon for some time, and now you can get it with the PreSonus 24c. For the whole collection check the product page. The registration process for all these Studio Magic add-ons is a bit of an adventure as you need to go to the manufacturer’s webpage for each product and register it there, but I assume this is the part of the deal that PreSonus made with those companies. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. As a bonus, part of Studio Magic is also Ableton Live Lite. So two DAWs and nice numbers of VST instruments and effects that actually work with any DAW. This is absolutely the best addition that I’ve ever received with any hardware (and I’ve had a lot of hardware over the years).

Reasons No. 4 and No. 5

Fourth reason. Travel-friendly. It’s not very heavy – less than 1 kg, but it’s still ultra solid, so you don’t need to worry if it will survive the journey. It’s also really stable on the desk.

Last reason. Easy to install. Just run PreSonus Universal Control and after that just choose PreSonus 24c ASIO driver in your favorite DAW. Same procedure for MAC or PC.

So, more or less those are the reasons why I’m going to stick with this one. For all details and technical specifications, you can visit the product page.

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