RDC Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download For Windows 10

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Feb 08, 2018 Remote Desktop is great for connecting to a Windows computer from another part of the network. You can get access to local drives, printers, files, etc. As if you were sitting in front of it. RDP is designed to support many different types of Network topologies, such as ISDN, POTS. RDP is also designed to support many LAN protocols, such as IPX, NetBIOS, TCP/IP. The current version of RDP will only run over TCP/IP. With customer feedback, other protocol support may be added in future versions.

Why RDC?

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Our almost two decades of experience has built the gold standard of customer screening: We uncover more risk with our deep global content, better curated, single platform for all PEPs and sanctions and adverse media. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve our processes and your outcomes. And we're dedicated to out-innovate the bad players interested in misusing financial systems.


The RDC Story

Born out of 9/11 and the Patriot Act, we've evolved to screening for all kinds of financial crime.

Our database helps our customers avoid doing business with the wrong people.

Rdc network level authentication

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Our mission is a serious one. We're singularly focused on it every day. And our leaders empower us to reach these goals.

The RDC Platform

Our unique platform combines risk data, analytics, human expertise, and AI technology that precisely identifies relevant counter party risks and eliminates them before they materialize.

RDC's History

We were established in 2002 by a consortium of 20 of the world’s largest financial institutions. The goal: develop bold, innovative new solutions to help combat financial crime - and we continue to evolve.

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Make our cutting-edge solutions part of your offering and open the door to new customers and revenue opportunities.

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Rdc Network Level Authentication

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RDC supports the ongoing development of our employees.

Rdc Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download For Windows 10 32-bit

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