Rt Systems Port Devices Driver

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Rt Systems Port Devices DriverRt Systems Port Devices Driver

The RT Systems program that I have finds the correct port by it's self, I suspect yours does too. If the program says it can't find it, then it's the wrong driver or cable. That means there's an incompatibility in the OS or machine set up. Which typically means a driver. Get to the 'Device Manager' and see what's going on there. Cloud-Based Endpoint Security. PC Matic Pro is a set of revolutionary technologies that is empowering customers and businesses to secure and optimize the performance of their devices. The RT Systems cables use a custom ID. With some work it is possible to get the RT Systems cable to show up as a generic serial devices, see FTDI OEM Cables. Note: For some radios such as Yaesu, the RT Systems cable and software are sold alongside the radio as if they were made by the manufacturer rather than a 3rd party. Driver for baofeng gt-3tp / usb connector fix for windows 10 ever since upgrading to windows 10, i have been unable to get my baofeng gt-3tb radio to communicate with my computer using my old prolific usb to serial driver. Rt systems cables are not recommended for use with chirp. Download Retrieval for RT Systems software. This section is not for purchasing the RT Systems Programmers. If you have not yet purchased the Programmer for your radio, select the manufacturer of your radio on the left, then follow the prompts to find the RT Systems Programmer for your specific radio model.


The following registry entries allow you to configure the behavior of the port driver/SCSI miniport driver pair. For information about the PnpInterface registry entry required for all Plug and Play (PnP) devices, see Registry Entries for Plug and Play SCSI Miniport Drivers.

  • TimeoutValue
    • Location: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesDiskTimeoutValue

    • Values: 1 - 255 seconds

    • Meaning: Time in units of seconds before an SRB request initiated by the disk class driver will time out. If this registry value is not set, a default value of 10 seconds is used. Time-out values for requests that are initiated by class drivers vary according to the class driver.

      Note If the miniport sets a value, that timeout will be honored preferentially. The timeout selection logic is as follows:

      • Starting in Windows 8, if the miniport sets a timeout value (in HKLM … Services<miniport>ParametersIoTimeoutValue), this value is honored by the storage class driver.
      • Otherwise, if the disk global timeout registry (this key) is set, this value is honored by the storage class driver.
      • Otherwise, a default value of 10 seconds is used by the storage class driver.
    • Operating system version: This feature is available in all versions of the Windows operating systems.

  • TotalSenseDataBytes
    • Location: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetEnum<Bus>< DeviceID><Device>DeviceParametersScsiPortTotalSenseDataBytes
    • Values: Between 18 and 255 for SCSI Port. Storport always uses 255.
    • Meaning: If set, this value designates the size in bytes of the buffer that the SCSI Port driver allocates for request sense data. If the value is not set, SCSI port uses a default size of 18. The Storport driver always allows 255. Warning: filter drivers that insert between the class driver and the port driver must respect this value and not attempt to manage the size of the sense data buffer.
    • Operating system version: This feature is available in Windows 2000 Server and later operating systems.
  • MaximumSGList
    • Location: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServices<ServiceName>ParametersDeviceMaximumSGList, where <ServiceName> = the miniport driver name specified with the AddServices directive in the INF file.
    • Values: Between 16 and 255.
    • Meaning: Indicates the number of scatter/gather list elements supported by the adapter.
    • Operating system version: This feature is available in Windows NT 4.0 SP4 and later operating systems.
  • BusType
    • Location: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServices<ServiceName>ParametersBusType, where <ServiceName> = the miniport driver name specified with the AddServices directive in the INF file.
    • Values: The same as STORAGE_BUS_TYPE enumerator:
    • Meaning: Indicates the type of bus that the adapter is connected to.
    • Operating system version: This feature is available in Windows 2000 and later operating systems.
  • CreateInitiatorLU
    • Location: <ServiceName>ParametersDeviceCreateInitiatorLU, where <ServiceName> = the miniport driver name specified with the AddServices directive in the INF file.
    • Values: Either 0 or 1.
    • Meaning: A value of 1 indicates that the port driver will create an 'initiator logical unit,' so that higher-level drivers can send certain requests to the port driver even though there is no actual hardware device connected to the adapter or the connected device is not visible to the system. Sometimes it is necessary to configure a device's operating parameters or update its firmware before it will be visible to the system. Prior to Windows Server 2003, it was not possible to instruct the port driver to update firmware for a device unless the port driver had at least one logical unit in its device stack. Some vendors attempted to remedy this deficiency by adding so-called 'pseudo-LUNs' to the adapter's stack, but this created problems for setup and disk management, and occasionally such solutions would cause the configuration manager to prompt the user for a driver for a non-existent device. With the new 'initiator logical unit' feature, it is no longer necessary to use these work-around techniques. By setting CreateInitiatorLU to 1 in the registry, you can send IOCTLs and WMI requests to the port driver whether it has devices attached that are visible to the operating system. Another use of the 'initiator logical unit' feature is to allow communication with fibre channel adapters that have a purely administrative function and no attached devices.
    • Operating system version: This feature is available in Windows Server 2003 and later operating systems. The value of this registry value only affects the functionality of the SCSI Port miniport drivers. Storport miniport driver always permit access to adapter objects, even when no device is attached to the adapter.
  • Receivers
  • Base Stations
  • Base Stations

Rt Systems Port Devices Driver Update

Download TypeUSB I/Q Package for HDSDR
Model nameIC-R8600
VersionVersion 1.01
Major changes

Changes in this version
Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018 update) is now supported.

This software package is for using the I/Q output of the IC-R8600 with the HDSDR (freeware Software Defined Radio: http://www.hdsdr.de/). The software will install the USB device driver for the [I/Q OUT] port and the ExtIO DLL file for the HDSDR.
Thoroughly read the instruction guide before installing or updating the software.
The IC-R8600 needs firmware version 1.30 or later to utilize the [I/Q OUT] port.

File Size37.41MB
File Typezip
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Rt Systems Port Devices Driver Download

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