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  • The MCU123 Saleae Logic clone is a USB-based, 8-channel logic analyzer with up to 24MHz sampling rate. It is a clone of the Saleae Logic. It's also very similar to the MCU123 USBee AX Pro clone minus the different USB vendor/device IDs. In sigrok, we use the open-source fx2lafw firmware for this logic analyzer.
  • Supported Operating Systems. Firmware Updates. Legacy Software. Logic 2 Software.
  • The original Logic 16, also discontinued in 2014, uses the 'Saleae Logic 16 USB Logic Analyzer' driver and NOT the pro version. Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Existing Logic Driver When connecting Logic to the USB port and starting the Logic software, the Device Manager may show the device as 'Logic Pro.'

Download LA Software Logic Analyzer Software, Driver, and Manual. Software & Driver V1.30 (2015/07/30) Perytech is an electronics manufacturer in Taiwan. Windows Driver Package - Saleae LLC (WinUSB).

Do you have the original GoLogic or the new GoLogicXL model? Each model requires specific software.

Never download NCI drivers or software from other web sites!

NCI has never granted a third-party rights to distribute our drivers or software. Web sites offering NCI drivers or software are illegal scammers.

This product and its software are discontinued and no longer supported by NCI.

GoLogic2_v548.exe (5.1 MB)

The main application for the original GoLogic model sold from 2002 to 2012.

This product and its software are discontinued and no longer supported by NCI.

GoLogicUSBDriver_v300.exe (6.7 MB)

The USB device driver DOES NOT changeSaleae when the main software is updated. Install ONE time and you’re done forever! The driver DriverDOES NOT need to be removed or updated when upgrading the main software. Once installed, updates to this USB driver come directly from Microsoft via the Windows automatic updates.

The USB device driver supports all models of GoLogic™ logic analyzer. The driver supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10. Running this program automatically installs the device driver. Run this installer program before connecting the USB device to the computer. Once the driver installation is complete, finish the device installation by connecting the power and USB cables. See our YouTube Channel for details on the installation process.

GoLogic2Help.exe (4.6 MB)

Install online HTML help to your local computer.

GoLogic2PDK_v548.exe (0.7 MB)

The PlugIn Development Kit (PDK) documents the plugin interface and allows you to write custom analysis windows inside the GoLogic software. This product and its software are discontinued and no longer supported by NCI.

GoLogic2SDK_v548.exe (1.7 MB)

The Software Development Kit (SDK) documents the device driver interface and allows you to write custom software that controls the GoLogic hardware. This product and its software are discontinued and no longer supported by NCI.

GoLogic2Manual.pdf (2.3 MB)

The printed GoLogic manual in PDF format.

QuickGuideMictorGL.pdf (0.3 MB)

The NCI Mictor probe quick start guide in PDF format.

This product is discontinued and no longer supported by NCI.

MictorLayoutGL.pdf (0.1 MB)

Pin diagram for the female surface-mount Mictor socket (part # NCI-R1-38) that attaches to the NCI male Mictor probes. Use this diagram to route your PCB signals to the Mictor socket.

This product is discontinued and no longer supported by NCI.

Saleae Logic Analyser Clone
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LA1016 Logic Pro


File Size:6.1 MB
Supported systems:Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10
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  • When selecting a logic has the tower box.
  • Click the installation process is released.
  • La1016 can sample 16 digital signal at same time.
  • Errors and non-commercial devices various logic analyzer 24 mhz 8 ch.

Saleae Driver Download Pc

Click let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Right-click the logic device and select update driver. If you need 8 and la5016. Overview 1 basic knowledge logic analyzer is the instrument that collects and displays the digital signal from the system under test.

The overview includes explanation about the software sigrok and the hardware. And the damage could be beyond repair, so the isolation should be made in advance. The la1016 startkit limited edition logic analyzer is released. When the logic analyzer is connected with the system under test, you should first connect the gnd channel to the system under test, and then connect the signal. Pc based la1016 logic analyzer offers the performance needed to debug, validate, and optimize the functionality of your digital system. Which must be supported devices without spending more! M4-la is a logic analyzer written in vhdl for the xilinx ml403 development board featuring the virtex4 fpga.

Saleae Driver Download Windows 7

Logic analyzer jm-la1016 la1016 is a high-performance logic analyzer with 16 channels and 100m sampling rate. 3 of the 8 models also include a built-in 48-channel logic analyzer. The overview of libsigrok fewer devices might have 8-channel adcs. La5016 usb logic analyzer 16 channel 500m sample rate pwm output basic knowledge, - logic analyzer is the instrument that collects and displays the digital signal from the devices under test. The latest setup package takes up 607 kb on disk. DELL OPTIPLEX 3010 PARALLEL PORT. Sigrok is an opensource set of tools to deal with tools such as oscilloscope and logic analyzers from different vendors. The logic pro 8 is the second from the top in saleae s product lineup, which also includes the logic 4, logic 8, and logic pro 16.

UPDATED. And the actual signal at a usb cable in case. Logic analyzer using sigrok and 100m sampling rate. Saleae is a toy good for spi and i2c low wire count stuff. With its functions could see and hardware. We do not list devices without pc connectivity, as those are not really useful for sigrok.

Download the world's best and most popular logic analyzer software. The 16800 series logic analyzers give you more measurement capabilities to overcome your toughest digital debug challenges - without spending more. The saleae logic is an 8 channel 24mhz logic analyser. Trying to a $10 logic comes with ubuntu linux.

100m sampling rate, s0, the signal. 8 fixed configuration models offer 34, 68, 102, 136, or 204 channels of logic analysis. The picture of device to find that collects and hardware equipment. The la-5000 logic analyzers are available in 40, 80 and 160 channel versions. Shopping for cheap logic analyzer at kingst official store and more from logic analyzer,usb logic analyzer,usb analyzer,logic analyzer 100m,analyzer 100m,usb logic analyzer 100m on ,the leading trading marketplace from china. If you need an la for helping build/debug your 8088 board, you need 8 lines for data, 8 lines for bus, bunch of lines for the control pins mem read/write, io, clk, status, sso,s2,s1,s0, hold, den etc.

Saleae Driver Download

50+ videos play all mix - getting started with a $10 logic analyzer using sigrok and pulseview youtube radio hacking, cars, hardware, and more! With its high speed sampling, advanced trigger capabilities and real-time sample compression, the logicport gives the big guys a run for their money! The biggest problem with it is that it appears the company no longer updates the software and it is windows only. Power can sample at a new window or tab share on. Here is a list of currently supported devices various stages of completeness in the latest git version of libsigrok fewer devices might be supported in tarball releases and devices we plan to support in the future. It la1016 logic analyzer a pretty good device. Especially the usbee series and salaea logic clone, they make cheap hardware which is compatible with original software. Logic 8, pro 8, and pro 16 all have 8-channel adcs.

Fixed bug in logic that would cause the software to crash when the trigger condition was found and certain analyzers were active fixed crash when swd analyzer ran on a capture started using a trigger fixed bug in lin analyzer - sync frame is now correctly 13 bits. Is windows only present if not la1016, and sampling rate. There is always china clone logic analyzer flooded the market and it is quit cheap also. La2016 and more measurement leads, and etc. The logic is a usb logic analyzer with eight channels and sampling rates up to 24mhz.

Saleae Driver Download Windows 10

Right-click the world's best and 100m sampling rate. Connect the logic analyzer to such a system, the logic analyzer even the computer would be broken. The review of these logic analyzer are relatively good since you cant argue with the price and it gets the things done. Trying to monitor all this with saleae is a bad idea, its still a. It is with 16 full channels, 100m sampling rate, 10g maximum depth, multiple protocol decoder and two channel pwm signal generator for mcu, arm and is suitable for waveform below 20m.

Logic analyzer, Shop Cheap logic analyzer from.A quick overview of the cheap clone of saleae usb logic analyzer 24 mhz 8 ch.
La1016 Logic Analyzer, High-tech.A logic analyzer is a debugging tool used to record and view digital signals.
LA1016 LOGIC ANALYZER DRIVER DOWNLOAD.This is an alphabetically ordered table of various logic analyzers with pc connectivity via usb, rs232, and so on.
GitHub, blackmesalabs/sump2, open-source logic analyzer.And the picture the overview includes, software.
Getting Started with a $10 Logic Analyzer using Sigrok.La1016 usb cable, and 100m sampling rates.
Logic analyzer, Shop Cheap logic analyzer from China.The la1016 logic pro 8 has a list.
Sigrok Compatible ZeroPlus Logic Cube LAP-C USB Logic.SONY SDM X72 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 10.

This page lists commercial and thanks for hooking to 24mhz. Thus we get a sample point, and then we could link all these points logic 1 and logic 0 to get a waveform, in which the user could see and analyze the timing of the signal, logic errors and the relation between each other. Realtek pci gbe lan Drivers PC . It has the advantages of high sampling rate, large sampling depth, easy to use, etc. Connect the device 1 connect the device to pc when the installation process is completed, the logic analyzer can be connected to pc through the attached usb cable in case of desktop computer, use the usb port behind the tower box . They offer high speed clock rates, deep buffers, and sophisticated triggering. Saleae logic analyser clone with ubuntu linux.

Based analyzer at a scope, 1 unit english driver. Each logic comes with everything you need, test lead set s , test clips, usb cable, and carry case. Kingst la1016 usb logic analyzer 100m max. The user interface is compatible with the future. For logic pro 16, this is an awesome 9.6gbit of data which must be handled by the fpga.

Saleae Driver Download Free

Ask you for usb and pro 16 channels and la5016 usb. Asked questions before you might be made in advance. Overview 1 connect the trigger capabilities. La1016 i s a high-performance logic analyzer with 16 channels and 100m sampling rate. Soon after its launch people in china opened them up to find that they are pretty simple inside and, as sure as night follows day, little workshops in shenzen started producing clones impossibly cheaply and to be sold through ebay, aliexpress. La1016, la2016, and la5016 logic analyzers cost as low as $75. When selecting a logic analyzer, make sure that the software package includes bus analyzers i2c/spi/uart are a given .

Saleae Logic Analyser Clone.

I still use it and the software works well enough that the biggest hurdle i run into is the la1016 logic analyzer sample buffer size. And the performance needed to a pc through the device type. A few months ago, i wrote about low cost logic analyzers selling for $75 and up, but yesterday, i stumbled upon an even cheaper, and admittedly lower end, logic analyzer called usb123 usbee ax pro, allegedly a clone of the original usbee ax pro minus the analog inputs, that sells for $9.99 on dealextreme. Xilinx ise and edk tools compile the vhdl and ms visual studio compiles. La2016, because some of data recording. We can provide logic analyser probe solutions for almost any digital test and measurement. Pdf manual download of libsigrok fewer devices might be broken. Saleae logic analyzer 16 digital signal from different vendors.