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Seanix Technology Inc

Seanix Technology Inc.

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  • For Seanix, providing product to Tech Data resellers will open up a whole new market. According to Seanix president Paul Girard, he hopes this deal will increase the number of PC Seanix builds from 110,000 to 160,000 this year. With that Girard hopes to decrease the company’s manufacturing costs with suppliers such as Microsoft.

13260 Delf Pl
Richmond, British Columbia
V6V 2A2

Seanix laptops & desktops driver downloads

13260 Delf Pl
Richmond, British Columbia
V6V 2A2

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Seanix Technology Inc.

Seanix Technology (Canada) Inc. was incorporated in Vancouver,
British Columbia in 1986 and is the largest Canadian-owned
manufacturers of personal computers. According to independent
ratings, the Seanix lines of PCs, TCO Series and CS Series, rank
among the top 5 for PC sales in Canada.
Seanix is a true Canadian personal computer manufacturer. Seanix
invests heavily into research and development, designs and
manufactures most of its board components and builds complete PCs
in Canada. This allows Seanix to offer its customers the highest
product quality control at every level, from raw materials to
finished goods, and the best possible value. The company's
manufacturing and production facilities include two
semi-automatic computer assembly lines with two surface mount
technology (SMT) chip mounters and other high technology related
board level equipment. The company's monthly production capacity
exceeds 14,000 PCs and 25,000 board level products.
The extensive use of modern manufacturing equipment and skilled
labour allows Seanix to offer products that have a high level of
Canadian content and quality. All systems manufactured by Seanix
are CSA® and UL certified and boast other important industry
standard certifications such as Novell®, FCC, Microsoft Windows®
95, Windows® NT, PC 97, ISO 9001, and others.
The success of Seanix computers comes from competitive pricing,
benefit-rich product features, strict quality control standards
and a solid core of reputable resellers across Canada.
Other Seanix products include the following:
· A full line of Canadian designed and manufactured motherboards
supporting Pentium® II and Pentium with MMX technology processors
· A full line of professional colour monitors ranging from
· Seanix also designs and manufactures other board-level
components, including video cards
· Seanix Enterprise Servers
Office locations:
5929 Rte Trans-Canadienne, Suite 100
St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1Z6
Tel: 514-747-5555
Fax: 514-747-2570
4-1 Fl., 16 Ho-Ping East Rd.
Sec. 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 011-886-2-2367-0168
Fax: 011-886-2-2363-9671


Company Details




334110 - Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

Manufacturer / Processor / Producer

Product / Service / Licensing

Product Name: TCO Series
TCO Series computers are designed for businesses. These systems
are specifically made to reduce the 'Total Cost of Ownership',
including purchase price, upgrades and service.
Through vertical integration and our focus on quality, our TCO
Series computers fulfil immediate user needs as well as those in
the future. Benefits of these systems include ease of use, ease
of maintenance and ease of upgradeability. The TCO Series provide
high reliability with excellent performance and integrated
An unparalleled commitment to total customer driven quality is
the governing force behind the design, manufacturing, sales,
service and support of our TCO Series business line of computers.
Our solutions to the reduction of 'Total Cost of Ownership'
provide businesses with affordable stable computers that meet
your computing and communication needs today and tomorrow.
At Seanix, we don't just assemble PCs; we research, develop,
engineer and manufacture high quality motherboards, video cards
and complete PC systems. Our ability to control all phases of
design, manufacturing, sales and support assures our customers
world class product and service at competitive prices.
Our TCO Series computers are built under the strictest
quality-control measures, and have been 100% tested throughout
every manufacturing stage. Our commitment to quality has earned
Seanix the world-clasee standard of being ISO 9001 certified.
Major industry certifications such as PC 97, Windows NT, Novell,
CSA and FCC ensure that our TCO Series line of computers offer
hassle free performance ans are network-ready.
Powered by the latest client management technologies and backed
by the best warranty in the industry, Seanix TCO line of
computers are perfect for the enterprise network environment.
Product Name: Seanix Enterprise Server
The Seanix Enterprise Server line is our latest step in our
twelve-year history of providing customers complete computing
solutions. Powered by the Intel Pentium® II processor and Pentium
II XeonTM processor, Seanix Enterprise Servers will exceed the
most demanding requirements. Our built-in hardware management
gives customers peace-of-mind by monitoring every critical system
component. With industry leading server management tools on every
system, Seanix reduces the total cost of owning and operating a
computer network.
Product Name: CS Series
The Seanix Consumer Series incorporates leading-edge technology
and high-end multimedia, including Pentium II processors, at an
affordable price. These PCs are ideal for the discerning consumer
who appreciates the latest in technology and is driven by the
best performance solution.
Our combination of rich features and sheer performance has earned
CS Series systems many major industry awards, such as the 1997
MVP award from PC Computing and the 1998 WIN100 award from
Windows Magazine. From high-performance, multimedia systems to
low cost systems, we give you the power and performance of the
latest technologies at unbelievable prices.
Our CS Series computers are built with fun, work and power in
mind. We're certain that once you experience Seanix quality,
reliability, upgradability and affordability, you'll be a loyal
customer for a lifetime.
Product Name: Seanix Monitor
Seanix monitors are ideal for users who want the optimum colour
for graphically-oriented operating systems or applications
demanding higher resolution and image quality. With an
outstanding display performance, Seanix monitors are an excellent
choice for your display needs.

Contact Information

Joe Hooker
Title: Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (604) 303-2900
Fax: (604) 303-2932
Kenneth Ho
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (604) 303-2900
Fax: (604) 276-1830
Ingo Seibert
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (604) 303-2900
Fax: (604) 303-2932
Gilbert Hamel
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (514) 747-5555
Fax: (514) 747-2570
Michelle Eccles
Title: Receptionist
Telephone: (604) 303-9800

In August, B.C.-based white-box manufacturer Seanix Technology stunned the industry by striking a deal with Tech Data Canada which both parties hoped would let them combat challenges from Dell Canada.

The arrangement between the companies’ leaders was big enough that they share a high place

on CDN’s newsmakers list.

Seanix sought a way to increase production and broaden its exposure across the country, while Tech Data Canada wanted its resellers to have an offering to slow sales from going to Dell.

After three months the partners are delighted with the pact, which lets Tech Data Canada resellers quickly deliver build-to-order desktop and notebook PCs through an online configurator.

The product line has already increased from six to 15 configurations.

“”We’re selling lots of product and signing a lot of customers,”” said Seanix president Paul Girard.

If things stay the same over the first 12 months the company could sell up to $4 million in hardware under the program, and lots more if the program really takes off.

“”They’re real sales,”” he added. “”All are drop-shipped to the channel, not filling the (Tech Data) warehouse up with inventory.””

“”It’s exceeding our expectations,”” agreed Tech Data Canada president Rick Reid.

Seanix Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

“”Each month the units and the number of resellers and revenue has increased exponentially. It’s very pleasing.””

The deal capped a satisfying year for both companies.

Tech Data Canada had an “”outstanding”” first quarter, said Reid. However, the middle part of the year was slow, as it was for many in the industry. Then business picked up in September, with October being one of the best since January 2002.

That leaves him optimistic about the rest of this year and the beginning of 2004.

In addition to the Seanix deal, the distributors highlights included introducing new voice products from Nortel Networks, new security products from RSA, a trade-in hardware program to help boost corporate sales, a three-year add-on extended warranty plan and the introduction into Canada of Tech Data’s Tech Select program.

Seanix Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

Not satisfied with the Seanix deal, it also inked a pact with Compal Electronics of Taiwan letting its resellers order whitebook laptops either configured to order or by chassis for custom work.

These might be considered defensive moves against the possibility Hewlett-Packard Canada starts selling PCs direct here, as it has in the U.S.

It’s a concern that wasn’t eased when HP decided late in the year it will start making desktops in Canada.

Reid has asked of its intentions and “”to date there has not been a clear answer (from HP Canada) other than they like to promote customer choice,”” said Reid. “”That’s a very vague response.””

At Seanix, “”we’re having a record year,”” reported Girard, with shipments up 25 per cent over 2002.

In the quarter ending Oct. 31 alone, the company shipped 39,000 units. An improving economy, increased demand for PCs and a decrease in clone competition get the credit.

Next year will see more of the same, he said, with a greater emphasis on notebooks. In the most recent quarter Seanix shipped only 4,000 laptops, which Girard wants to boost.

But he also noted that this is a highly competitive market. “”We’ve got to work harder, do a better job.””

To that end, the company’s current lineup of three laptops will be expanded to eight.

Seanix Laptops & Desktops Driver Downloads

But it’s the Tech Data Canada deal that he hopes will really put muscle into Seanix. With it, the Western-based company can take advantage of Tech Data Canada’s 5,000 customers, Girard said, many of whom it didn’t have access to before.

For its part, Tech Data Canada will add a full-time specialist to keep its sales force updated on product status, said Reid. Initially the distributor focused the Seanix program on a group of mid-sized resellers it thought would be interested in it the most. “”In the not too distant future”” it will approach larger resellers, he said.

At the time of the deal, Reid explained Tech Data Canada resellers were frustrated at losing business to companies like Dell on large and medium-sized corporate requests for proposals. While acknowledging the Seanix partnership wouldn’t take a large bite out of that problem, the hope is it will give resellers a product line they can compete with.

Seanix Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

Reid also believes the Seanix deal could not only be good for the companies, but even revolutionary.

“”In time there will be a number of white box builders who might look at this as an alternative to building their own.””