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Knowing the right size of your laptop can definitely be handy when you need it the most. In this post, we will show you how to measure your laptop screen with or without a measuring tape.

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The best laptops offer high performance, great looks, and solid build quality. When searching, it's smart to start with top brands. These are the top options. GT series is the extreme flagship model designed to push the limits of what a gaming laptop could be. Built with overclockable processors, top-of-the-line graphics and cutting edge features. This series takes advantage of its beefy form factor to maximize cooling and performance. This is the definition of a Desktop Killer.

Laptop screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner (not including the bezel). You’ll take a measuring tape and place it on the bottom left corner and measure the screen up to the top right corner; convert it to inches. This will be the size of your computer screen. Earth-friendly and built with EVA foam that cushions the laptop vault, this briefcase keeps your devices protected at all times. Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter DA300 Connect your Latitude to almost any device with a convenient 6 -in-1 compact adapter. How to Use a Laptop Effectively As a Student. A laptop can be a great tool for helping you in your studies. Being able to type up your notes and papers makes writing and editing easier, and it can help keep you organized.

How are laptop screens measured?

Laptop screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner (not including the bezel). You’ll take a measuring tape and place it on the bottom left corner and measure the screen up to the top right corner; convert it to inches. This will be the size of your computer screen.

How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring?

Laptop screen size can also be measured without using a measuring tape by comparing to a standardize A4 paper (which matches 13″). Depends on how smaller or larger the screen size compare to the paper, it will either be 11.6, 13.3, 14.1, 15.4, 17.3 inch laptop.

What are the standard laptop sizes? a.k.a laptop size comparison

The most popular sizes are 13 and 15 inch. There are also 11.6, 14.1, 12 & 17 inch. Here are some of the standard laptop size in comparison.

Step-by-step to measure laptop size

Step 1: Get A Standard Tape Measure

The best way to measure a laptop screen is to get a standard tape measure. It’s most likely that the standard tape measure will come with inch units on one side. But if you don’t have inch units, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can always convert your unit to inches.

Step 2: Find Your Starting Point

There are two most important things you have to understand before actually measuring your laptop screen size.
The first thing is that the screens are always measured diagonally. And the second one is where many people get it wrong.
Measuring point isn’t the top corner of your screen, yet the point where the actual screen starts.
Therefore, you will have to turn on your laptop in order to know where does your screen starts and ends.
We highly recommend you to use the top left display corner as a starting point and for the ending point the diagonal corner which is bottom right display corner.

Step 3: Write Down Your Measurement

When you’ve successfully measured the size of your screen, write it down so you don’t forget it. If you’ve measured in inches, you won’t need to do any converting.
But if you have measured in any other unit, it would be best if you would convert the unit to inches.
You might be wondering why is that necessary?
It’s a standard in the screen industry to label screen sizes in inches unit. Whether it is a laptop screen, desktop computer screen, or even a television – the unit will be inches.

Step 4: Converting Centimeters To Inches

If you’ve measured your laptop screen size in centimeters, it’s really easy to convert it to inches.

1 inch = 2.54 CM

For example – if you have measured your screen to be 34 CM, to get inches, you will have to divide it with 2.54 CM.

34 CM (measured screen size) :2.54 CM (1 inch is 2.54 CM) = 13.3 inches

Converting Inches To A Tenth Of Inches

If you have measured your screen size in inches, it’s most likely that the standard tape measure you’ve used was in 16th of inches, while commercial inch units are measured in 10th of inches (13.3, 15.3, 17.1).

The easiest way to convert 16th of inches to 10th of inches is to follow the table down below.

Measuring The Body Thickness

Once you know the size of your screen, it’s helpful to know the height of your body, also known as a laptop body thickness.

It’s helpful to know the body thickness especially when you’re purchasing a laptop case or a bag. On rare occasions, you might get the correct laptop size, only to find out that your laptop might not fit quite easily in the laptop bag.

To measure the laptop body thickness, get your standard measurement tape again. Close your laptop, and measure the laptop body from the bottom to the top where the screen ends.

But make sure you include the screen in the measuring process. If you measure only the bottom part of your laptop, you won’t get the right thickness.

How To Know Which Laptop Case Or Bag To Buy?

The best way to buy a laptop case or a bag for your laptop is to search for the products specially made for your laptop model.

For example, if you own a MacBook Pro, that would help you find specific laptop bags and cases for your laptop.

However, you will also need to know the approximate year of your laptop’s made (because the body shape and size changes over the years), and you will need to know the screen size too.

If your laptop isn’t very popular or doesn’t come from a big manufacturer, it might be a bit harder for you to find specially made products for your laptop.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find suitable laptop cases or bags.

You will only need to spend a bit of extra time to find laptop cases and bags that match the size of your screen.

At the same time, pay attention to the body thickness too. And keep in mind that some cases specially made for exact laptop models might not work on other laptops.

Most of the time, quality manufacturers will give more details and information on the size

Things To Pay Attention To

Until now, you’ve learned how to properly measure your laptop’s screen size, how to convert the units and even which unit is commercially used.

But there are a few things that people very commonly get wrong.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • The screen is measured from the display corner, not from a top screen corner
  • Make sure to convert centimeters to inches
  • Make sure to convert 16th of an inch to 10th of an inch (commercial purpose)
  • Measure laptop thickness always when the laptop is closed


Measuring a laptop screen is something that can be done in just a few minutes.

Now, you know how to measure laptop size, and after you take your measures, we highly recommend you write them down so you don’t have to re-measure your laptop again.

You will then have a clear idea on which cases and bags you can purchase for your laptop.

But if you’re still unsure, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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Ever wondered, “how can I get a free laptop from the government“?

If so, in this post we’ll show you how all the legit ways you can get a laptop computer for free from the government, whether you need it for school, work, or whatever else.

Nowadays, a computer is pretty much a necessity.

Thankfully, there are many programs in place to help people in such situations. There are even program where the government gives you free money.

If you’re struggling to afford one, then you may be able to get a free laptop from the government.

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Let’s take a look at how.

Can You Really Get a Free Laptop from the Government?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

No in that you can’t just contact the government and ask for a free laptop.

The government doesn’t just give out laptops to anyone that asks.

And it doesn’t have a program that’s dedicated to giving out laptops.

Yes, however, in that there are government programs and non-profit programs that do help people to get a free laptop, or at least one at a discount.

It’s important to note though that you’ll need to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for a free or cheap laptop from these programs.

Most of the time you’ll need to be on a low income as many of these programs give free laptops to low income families.

Now, what constitutes a low income varies depending on the state where you live.

Other programs will have different requirements.

So, the eligibility requirements really depend on where you’re getting your laptop from.

Just make sure to check the eligibility requirements for the particular place that you are contacting.

Ways to Get a Laptop for Free from the Government (& non-profit organizations)

As we said above, the government doesn’t just hand out laptops to anyone. So getting a laptop from the government isn’t as simple as just calling up and asking for one.

There isn’t a government program solely for laptops – the government may help you with funding, but as we said, it doesn’t have a program you can use to apply for a no cost laptop.

However, there are quite a few government-funded programs, and other organizations, that can help you to get a laptop at no cost.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can get a free laptop from government programs and other organizations.

Some of these options are from government departments, but we’ve also included programs from non-profit organizations.

1. Contact the Department of Social and Health Services

If you are struggling to afford a laptop, then consider contacting the Department of Social and Health Services or the Department of Human Services.

The department may be able to connect you to local programs and non-profit organizations that can assist you with getting a laptop.

Just use the website to find your state’s department of social or human services.

  • Get assistance here:

2. Check to See if You’re Entitled to any Benefits

You may be entitled to benefits that you weren’t aware of.

Visit to check which government benefits you may qualify for.

These benefits may assist you in getting a laptop.

There’s disaster relief and financial assistance benefits for example.

So, these benefits could help you to get the funds to purchase a laptop or get one at a low cost.

  • Get assistance here:

3. Get Assistance with Natural Disasters

If you were affected by a natural disaster, like a hurricane, and have perhaps lost belongings, including your laptop, then visit

  • Get assistance here:

4. Visit Computers with Causes

You can get a free laptop from non-profit organization Computers with Causes if you’re a student or military veteran or have a financial need.

Of course, you’ll need to meet certain eligibility requirements.

You can visit the website to see if you qualify for a free laptop and to apply for one.

  • Get assistance here:

5. Use United Way Worldwide

Non-profit organization United Way Worldwide provides assistance on a huge range of topics through its 2-1-1 program.

It connects you to the resources you need locally.

The 2-1-1 service is totally free to use and it’s confidential as well.

You can use the service to get help finding a free or low cost laptop in your area.

  • Get assistance here:

6. Contact the On It Foundation

This is another organization that may be able to assist you.

If you need a free laptop computer for your child, then it’s definitely worth contacting the On It Foundation.

You may be eligible for a laptop if there’s a student in your family who is:

  • Enrolled in grades K-12.
  • Receives a free or reduced school lunch,
  • Attends a public school and resides in the United States.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get a free laptop for school, then contact the On It Foundation.

  • Get assistance here:

7. Contact your Local Goodwill

If you are going through a tough time financially – perhaps you’re unemployed or have been the victim of a hurricane? – then get in touch with your local Goodwill.

It’s another non-profit organization that may be able to provide you with a free or very low cost laptop.

Goodwill has been known to give vouchers to people who are struggling financially, such as those living on a low income.

People can use these vouchers to purchase items. Of course, your local Goodwill may not have any laptops available, but it may be able to help you in finding one in your area.

  • Get assistance here:

8. Contact your Local Salvation Army Chapter

You may know Salvation Army is your local thrift store. It’s a non-profit organization that could help you to get a laptop at little to no cost is the Salvation Army.

One of the ways that the Salvation Army helps people is by donating items. You may be able to get a voucher from the Salvation Army or at least some assistance in finding a low cost or no cost laptop near you.

Just contact your local Salvation Army chapter to find out if they could assist you in getting a laptop.

  • Get assistance here:

9. Get in Touch with your Local St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization. It has locations all over the country. It helps people in a huge variety of ways, like by providing free furniture for example.

There’s a page on the website (which we link to below in the “get assistance here” section) where you can find what types of assistance and services the organization offers.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and select your location from the options. When you click on a location, you’ll be taken to a separate website for that location.

On your local website, you’ll be able to learn about what services are available in your area.

Not every St. Vincent de Paul location will provide donated laptops, but some will.

You can ask at your local Catholic Church if there are any St. Vincent de Paul locations in the area.

  • Get assistance here:

10. Contact PCs for People

Some people ask online whether there’s a way to get free internet and a laptop from the government – while there is no such program available from the government, there is a non-profit organization that may be able to give you cheap internet and a free laptop.

It’s called PCs for people.

This is a non-profit organization that gives complimentary laptops and low cost internet services to qualifying recipients.

It provides refurbished PCs.

What’s great about the PCs for people is that it is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. This means that the computers it donates come with licensed copies of Windows 10.

In order to be eligible to receive a PC from the organization, you’ll need to meet certain requirements (which you can view on the page that we linked to below).

  • Get assistance here:

11. Contact Everyone On

For a free or low cost laptop and for low-cost internet service, contact Everyone On.

There are a few different programs offered to help people with low-income.

  • Get assistance here:

12. Contact Computer Technology Assistance Corps

You can get a laptop for as little as $120 from Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC).

So you don’t get the laptop for free, but you do get a huge discount.

  • Get assistance here:

How to Get a Free Laptop if You Don’t Qualify for Government Programs

Okay, so as you can see there are a lot of ways for you to get a free laptop from the government, and lots of non-profit organizations that can offer complimentary or low cost laptops as well.

But, if you don’t qualify for a free or low cost laptop from the organizations that we listed above, then you do have a few other options.

We’re going to cover a few of the other ways that you can get a PC for free or at a huge discount.

13. Visit Freecycle

This is a great website where people can donate items and receive donated items locally.

You might be able to find someone who’s offering a free laptop on there.

You can actually request items on Freecycle as well. So, you could put a request on there for a laptop.

  • Visit Freecycle here:

Earn Gift Cards and Use them to Pay for a Laptop

Another common question that people ask online is “how to get a free laptop from amazon?“.

Well, this is actually one way to do it.

There are apps and websites out there that pay you to complete super simple tasks.

Si Computer Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 7

These are called rewards websites.

On these sites, you can get paid to complete easy tasks, like:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the internet
  • Taking surveys

In return for completing these tasks, you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards.

Most rewards websites offer Amazon gift cards as a redemption option.

You can then save up these gift cards and use them to get a laptop at a discount or perhaps even for free.

Swagbucks would be our recommendation for a great rewards website.

It’s super popular, easy to use, and provides a varied and fun selection of tasks.

Other good rewards websites that pay you in Amazon gift cards include:

14. InstaGC

16. EarnHoney

17. Gift Hunter Club


19. Look out for Giveaways on Social Media

Some stores, brands, and other organizations have sweepstakes and giveaways where you can win laptops.

Do be careful and only enter giveaways from legitimate companies.

And do not give out sensitive information or financial information, such as your Social Security Number or your bank details.

Follow tech brands and stores that sell laptops and other tech items on social media.

Then you can keep up to date with any giveaways that are on offer – plus these stores and brands often post coupons and other money saving deals on their social media accounts as well.

You can also search for “#laptop giveaway” on social media to see the latest giveaways.

How to Get a Free (or Cheap) Laptop for College Students

College is expensive. That means you need to do everything you can to save money while in college including looking for ways to get a laptop without paying for it.

While there aren’t many government programs that give away free laptops to students, there are other organizations that do.

A few to consider are:

20. The Open Education Database

This is bacillary a database of all the online colleges that offer free college related tech such as laptops and tablets.

Si Computer Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

21. Notebooks for Students

This is a great sites created by actual students that help students find laptop at deep discounted prices.

Closing thoughts

Si Computer Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 8.1

If you’re looking for a free laptop, then getting one from the government isn’t necessarily the best place to start.

Yes, there are a few places that we mentioned above – but it’s those non-profit organizations that are the best because they are set up with the goal of helping people out.

Si Computer Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 8

Either way, if you’ve been wondering “how can I get a free laptop?”, check out the government programs and non-profit organizations above to see if you can get laptop or computer for free.