However, have you ever wondered which maps in each series are the most popular? Below we take a look at the 10 most popular maps from each series, revealing where Britons are most likely to go on holiday or perhaps where they are most worried about getting lost. The Explorer series of maps is the more popular of the two and is said to be ideal for walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding. The maps are , scale which means 4cm on the map equals 1 km on the ground. Details include footpaths and open access areas. This area, famous for its fantastic walking routes, is home to the highest mountain in Wales. Take one of the six well mapped routes to the summit of Mount Snowdon and enjoy the views!

Production of OS mapping by the Land Registry (HMLR) under licence marked crown copyright

This series consists of Object Name Book ONB folders containing information relating to the names of objects depicted on Ordnance Survey mapping of England and Wales, together with the authority for their spelling. Their primary purpose is to list and define the location and extent of named objects and area features. The ‘objects’ named are both natural and man-made, and include streams, rivers and hills; roads, railways and canals; domestic, public and industrial buildings, and antiquities.

In addition, they also contain technical detail levelling and control information , as well as the survey history of the mapping sheet to which they refer. For the first time all OS mapping was re-cast on national instead of county sheet lines, and on a new national projection which covered the whole country. All scales were superimposed with a National Grid based on the metre rather than the yard , so providing a single referencing system for all Ordnance Survey map detail.

MIDDLESEX MAPS. Scan No OS Map No Place Names. Survey /. Revision date. Publication Date. Disc No. 1. XIX LANGLEY MARISH, COLNBROOK.

Individual roads, buildings and field boundaries can be easily identified. The sheet referencing system is rather complicated. Maps are identified by county and sheet number, and each sheet is divided into 16 sub-sheets. The easiest way to find out which OS large scale sheets cover your area, is to use the online index produced by the National Library of Scotland.

This covers the whole of Great Britain and can be found here. Search by place name and map scale, and it will list all the published sheets that cover that place, with an index diagram to show sheet coverage. Contact us Send us your feedback. Google Analytics anonymously tracks individual visitor behaviour on this web site so that we can see how LibGuides is being used. We only use this information for monitoring and improving our websites and content for the benefit of our users you. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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OS MasterMap

Ordnance Survey Act In spite of this, Ordnance Survey maps have long been put to use as: Conveyance plans and transfer plans; Title Plans; Evidence during a boundary dispute and litigation. This page helps to explain Ordnance Survey maps and their limitations in relation to boundary disputes. The OS maps generally encountered in boundary disputes are:. Whilst Ordnance Survey maps enjoy a worldwide reputation for accuracy, it is very unwise to attempt to measure distances from them in order to scale those distances up and to set out on the ground the theoretical position of the boundary.

One reason for this is that any error you make in measuring distances on the map is magnified by the scale of the map when you set it out on the ground.

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The Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile or , County Series is the most detailed topographic mapping that covers all of England and Wales from the s to the s. It was revised for the whole country twice between and between , and then updated regularly for urban or rapidly changing areas from to the s. The maps are immensely valuable for local and family history, allowing most features in the landscape to be shown.

The more detailed 25 inch to the mile or , maps allow specific features to be seen more clearly in urban areas, as well as greater detail for buildings and railways. However, most topographic features on the 25 inch to the mile maps are in fact also shown on the six-inch to the mile maps. Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile or , County Series home page.

We have attempted to include all our unbound holdings of these maps, which are probably comprehensive from ca. However, the principal exclusions are:. The Ordnance Survey six-inch maps record most man-made and natural features in the landscape.

Finding aids for maps: Ordnance Survey maps

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Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centre with full UK coverage supplying OS PDF, Matt or Photo paper; Imagery date displayed; Prices from: £ + VAT.

The Ordnance Survey , First Series Provisional Edition consists of map sheets which were printed from the ‘s right through to the ‘s. They were superseded by the Second Edition , Blackadder has been actively collecting out of copyright or near out of copy right editions of this series. Thanks to two very large donations from the Universities of Glasgow and Coventry the majority of flat map sheets for full coverage are now held, including many different print editions, though more flat sheets from others would still be welcomed to fill in the remaining gaps and extend the number of print editions for each sheet held.

Scanning and rectrification is ongoing with new output available via the OSM faffy MapServer instance. A full index version – new updated version coming soon is available as a tabulated list , or as a coloured chart.

Historic Ordnance Survey Map Wallpaper

In simple terms, Crown Copyright for Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland maps lasts for 50 complete years, so maps safely can be used on the 1st January after the 50 years are up. Government Copyright for Ordnance Survey Ireland mapping also lasts for 50 years. All other mapping has a copyright of 70 years. We can’t use in-copyright mapping without the agreement of the publishers. However, there is a query as to exactly when Ordnance Survey believed that the Crown Copyright expired on maps with minor revisions.

Annoyingly, the OS didn’t actually put the exact date of the map on each map.

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Inevitably, of course, many aspects of the city had nonetheless changed significantly, presenting challenges to the geomatics team. The first notable act of the OS was to carefully measure a baseline in Hounslow, west London, so that it could form the first part of a control network of survey points that would eventually cover the nation, and be the bedrock of every single map the O. Early county maps that included their respective parts of London were produced in the first two decades of the nineteenth century, and these informed many of the independent maps of the city that were produced over the next fifty years.

Eventually, between and a five-foot map was compiled for London at the instigation of the Metropolitan Sanitary Commissioners, urged on by Edwin Chadwick and other health campaigners. Few complete copies of this survive. This series is known as the ‘County Series’, and is normally categorised by ‘Epoch’, with Epoch 1 generally referring to the first county series published between and , and Epoch 2 denoting to the first revision published between and Sheets for particular regions and cities, such as London, were of course produced at particular points within these periods.

Ordnance Survey, 1st edition map of London 1863-80 (1:2500)

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Most only have a date at which the print edition was first published and If tracing from these maps please tag an source attribution using source = OS k.

As a large city, Liverpool has seen a great many maps and plans made of it. Some of these maps show the wider area around the city, and may include areas as far afield as North Wales or Manchester, Lancaster or Chester. It is hard to believe that there is only 4 years between the top and bottom maps. It looks like several decades of development around Edge Hill. The whole shape of Sefton Park was undefined in , but by , the familiar kidney shape is there, and all the rows of housing are in place down Smithdown Road.

Which is strange, as I know my road was not built until , yet it appears to be on the map. I have a map, and one that appears to even older, as it has the Castle on it. Thanks for your comments.

Cambridge University Library

Your browser cannot display the site navigation bar. Since the first revisions of Ordnance Survey maps, in the mids, there have been markings on each sheet to indicate the date of revision or printing. On most maps published since the late 19th century, these markings can be found, in small print, beneath or beside the map plate area.

Since the first revisions of Ordnance Survey maps, in the mids, there have been markings on each sheet to indicate the date of revision or.

Skip to content. Search and browse a range of historical Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland OSNI maps and find information on sites, buildings and landmarks of historical interest. Apologies for any inconvenience. The viewer displays county, parish and townland boundaries and includes information on sites, buildings and landmarks of historical interest. A variety of tools and ‘widgets’ allow you to search and browse the maps, compare one map with another, and find various points of historical interest.

There have been a number of queries about an error message that appears when the Historical Maps Viewer is opened using Internet Explorer You can browse the map or navigate to a particular area by using the plus and minus buttons on the application; using the rollerball on your mouse, or by ‘clicking and dragging’ using your mouse. Various functions can be performed using the widgets icons which are located in a row at the top right hand side of your screen.

Widget functions are summarised below. The Basemap Gallery widget allows you to choose from a selection of four basemaps. The Layer List widget shows each of the optional layers which can be switched on or off. The Swipe widget provides a vertical bar on your screen which can be dragged back and forth across the screen to compare one map layer with another.

File:Wroughton OS Map published

Not registered yet? We just need your email, postcode and a password here. Get a 7 day trial for grough route. Free mapping and route planning with , maps. See this page for full details. Ordnance Survey mapping for all of Great Britain with all subscriptions View and plot routes and points of interest with familiar Ordnance Survey mapping at , Explorer , , Landranger and , scales.

Trusted by private companies & the public sector across the UK and Northern Ireland, we provide the most up to date Ordnance Survey mapping and GIS data to.

The perfect mapping for planning applications or CAD drawing. OS MasterMap is a comprehensive large-scale map, detailing man-made and natural features. It is the approved mapping for planning applications and land registration. MasterMap provides detailed attribute information for every feature on the map, each feature is split into nine themes, these include:. Printable Scales: to , OS MasterMap is captured a , in urban areas, , in rural areas and , in moorland areas.

MasterMap is perfect for create both the location and site plans, required as part of your next planning application. MasterMap provides unparalleled detail about land use to type, to help you find your next development. When accuracy is top of your list, the detailed attribution and measurements of MasterMap mean it is the only choice. Available in a variety of CAD ready formats. MasterMap will get your project off to the right start.

Updated every 6 weeks, MasterMap provides the most accurate view of the land.

OS Maps – Route planning